Setting up a Hackerspace

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Please excuse my absence, I've been busy with school and work.  I think the best way to get projects moving is to either set up or find a local hackerspace.

Since making our own would cost too much money right now, it is best that we find communities close to us that would be willing to help with our projects. 

Edit:  Perhaps can act as a proposal group for certain projects, while the bulk of the work is done by people in the hackerspaces
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  • I'll definitely do this:  there's a great hackerspace less than a 15-minute walk from my campus.  In particular, the closest thing we have to a practical implementation of a gene mod is probably the tetra+chromacy one, so I'll see if anyone there is interested in helping with that.  After all, any proper lab could do that mod easily; the difficult part is figuring out how to do it at least quasi-DIY.
  • It's always worth joining - or just hanging around in - a hackerspace; they've got the best toys, and the one I'm involved in is always looking for people from different areas to dilute the rampant computeryness of the place. Plus, you get to meet the maddest people.
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