Looking for someone with an xEM from Dangerous Things and a Halo Scanner

edited October 2015 in RFID/NFC
I'm hoping someone else here has both a Halo Scanner and an xEM to test them together for me.  Numerous sites (including the listing on Dangerous Things) suggest that the Halo Scanner should be able to read the xEM, but mine absolutely will not.  The scanner reads my LifeChips fine, and the USB dongle I have reads the xEM fine, so I know that both the xEM and the Halo work, but they will NOT work together.  The Halo does not react at all when placed near the implanted xEM.

One of these three things must be true.  A) The Halo Scanner isn't actually EM4102 compatible, though numerous websites list it as such.  B) The xEM isn't fully EM4102 compliant (it is, after all, "emulated" by a different chipset). C) My xNT, which sits VERY close to my xEM, is somehow interfering with the Halo's ability to get a good read off the chip (though my USB dongle reads it fine).

Anyone else got a Halo and an xEM to test this for me?  And/or does someone have a "true" EM4102 to test with the Halo (i.e. one not being emulated by the ATA5577 or related chipset)?

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