NFC for general communication

Sudden idea: along with inductive charging, how about using NFC for data transfer to and from implanted devices? Would this be cheaper in terms of power consumption than bluetooth?


  • It would be more power efficient but it would be slow. Also, I don't think NFC is capable of streaming data like other wireless protocols. I could see NFC being used as a polling data source. (EG: tap your implant every few hours to grab your data). I think BLE is the better technology for implant tech at the moment.
  • NFC can do data transfers but yeah its slow, and if you move slightly you could mess it up. ble is way better and really not much more power. But NFC can be used in smart ways like tap to pair over bluetooth. This way you never need a moving button that you have to push to pair. (buttons under the skin is a bad idea)
  • It'd probably work fine for a serial console
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    It would work for a serial console, but like Benbeezy said, movements can mess up the data. It would be interesting if the coil magnetically locked in place with the implant ;)
  • A small band that wraps around the arm and aligns the coils could be used for the serial console - means less circuits needed internally.
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