Synthdoll - Green doll vector map + overlay.

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A simple open source project. Synthdoll - A life sized doll, connected to a program that mimics its movements with an avatar with remarkable results. Anyone who knows what the oculus rift can do will understand the significance of this G.D.V.M.O system.

The idea only requires a life sized doll with a skeleton capable of doing 2 things. The first is obvious, pivoting the same as a person. The second function is to be an exact map for the projected image of an avatar or even a real person.

The projected image would be vector based avatars for testing. Later would incorporate expressions, talking, more advanced settings.

I'm confident I can create the doll, skeleton and map its dimensions in real time simply using wii remotes inside all the bones. I can even have it connected to the wire frame. I just require someone to work on the avatar looking super realistic. I don't do 3d physics and 3d realistic hair etc.


  • What do you plan on using for movement actuation?
  • While I am all for the end result being an avatar and looking realistic, do you feel that at the moment perhaps placing focus on the mechanics could be a higher priority and then once it is fleshed out (no pun intended) then taking the time to be concerned about the appearance?
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