Legal status of Lidocaine?

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I am thinking about taking the plunge and try to implant a magnet on my right pinky. However, I am not sure about the legal status of lidocaine (since that's part of the pain management kit in Dangerous Things) in Australia. So are there any Australians on this forum who can tell me if it is prescription only? If so how does anyone import lidocaine into Australia/ or what do people in Australia use for pain management? Thanks.


  • Lidocaine topical cream is legal over the counter in Australia, but in liquid form such as in that kit, it is prescription only.
  • Lidocaine is a controlled substance and therefore illegal to import from overseas (such as through DT). I've heard of people buying small amounts of other prohibited substances through eBay, but I don't know how well that would work out for you.

    In short, you'll find it very difficult to procure unless you have a friend who works with some who'll steal it for you.
  • Damn, @AlexSmith beat me to it.
  • @AlexSmith @Alternate: Ah, that explains Dr Numb. Is lidocaine cream work just as well for implantation purposes or should I file this under "wait till I can somehow get a prescription"? What do other Aussie grinders use?
  • topical creams will not help with the pain during implantation as they do not penetrate the surface of your skin.
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    Thought so. So what are the alternatives (apart from the Klingon method of "enjoy the pain")?
  • Feel up for a trip to another country?
  • The only thing other than a trip to another country would be to use multiple methods that magnify each other's pain relieving effect. So maybe topical, ice, and something else.
  • Unfortunately I'm poor and have no means to travel to another country at this point. Though I might try the topical, ice plus something else (sheer stubborn will?) unless something else happens.

    Thanks a lot people. Now I'll need to hunt down sutures...
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    ice is not what you want to use.  by the time you've caused any sort of "numbing" with the ice, whats really happening is you causing additional damage.  either do it with no pain killers, or use lido.

    there's no other way around it.  topical creams, ice, sacrifices to cthulu - or any combinations of the above wont do anything helpful.  aside from possibly inducing a placebo effect.
  • Topical creams will help a tiny amount - if you have absolutely nothing else then it's not going to hurt to use some topical lido. Expect to feel pain once you get past the initial incision though.

    Personally i'd just import from dangerousthings and hope customs don't catch it, but that's not something that I can officially recommend due to the legal risks.

    Be careful with oral painkillers - anything with an opiate in it could be hazardous if it impairs your focus while operating.
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