Low-Tech Hacking - Filling a Tooth

I need some assistance. I would like to fill a hole I have in a tooth, which I obtained due to years of poor teeth-care, that I've since tried to remedy. 
Where would I obtain the needed filler material (and also, what kind should I use), and how would I prepare for such a procedure? 
I've never had anything like this done at the dentist, and I have absolutely no money to go there now. 
I've literally been thinking of using super glue, but you guys can probably recommend better for a small budget. 
Any help would be much obliged.


  • Working on your own teeth can be tricky. First off, filling the hole won't be enough. Holes don't just open up, they are caused by something (bacteria or the byproduct of their living habits). so you have to remove those first. for a tiny hole that's reasonably easy given suitable tools. rather tricky if you do it on your own because obviously you won't have good vision. there are chemical ways to kill them but i have very little information about that.
    once you have the bacteria gone and the tooth clean you can fill it. there are uv curing dental resigns. they aren't super cheap but worth every penny.

    if it's just a teensy little bittle hole and not completely eaten by the bacteria (means if there's still the tooth structure left), then you may even be able to remineralise it with propper care and a careful selection of food.
    sometimes tho, if you are really out of luck and the tiny hole reaches through the hard shell it may be inside the softer part of the tooth. and that's something you really need a dentist for. this condition is rather hard to spot unless you have an xray image. it can be seen if you have a good eye on what a healty and not so healthy tooth looks like.
    anyway, in case you successfully filled the hole up you should make sure to remove any excess material to ensure a proper operation of your teeth. for a tiny hole that should be rather easy.

    tl;dr: 1. first you need to be sure how much of a damage there is before fixing it.
    2. fix the root of the problem (remove whatever caused the hole), preferably chemically cause drilling yourself is very difficult.
    3. prevent a new infection by closing the hole. preferably with dental resign. not sure if hot glue will work.

    btw. i'm not a dentist but i had terrible teeth due to bacteria getting in from between teeth.
  • Hot glue is a terrible idea, dental resin is the only material that should be used on teeth.

    Dentists use bleach to clean out the inside of teeth before refilling, this is not something you can do on yourself.
  • Also, this comes under the category of "asking for medical advice" rather than biohacking.
  • true. unless it's still early. then reminerarlisation can help. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remineralisation_of_teeth
  • Super glue is a horrible idea, by the way. Keep in mind that stuff binds almost anything to anything, which means that unless you want your cheek glued to your tooth, you're going to have a hard time. It also has an annoying tendency to foam, rather than just harden properly in high-moisture environments. Not to mention that the mucosal tissues in your mouth are going to absorb any and all solvents in the glue much more readily than regular skin will. 

    It's (-cringe-) cheaper to go to the dentist and have them do it properly as of now.
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