Does caffeine / adderall / stimulants hurt your immune system?

Pretty straight forward. I definitely feel like I am more susceptible to picking things up after taking these. 

But hey, maybe its because it makes me get less sleep, work harder, and take worse care of myself. 


  • Well, that's a hard question. In order to know how much stimulants are affecting you, you'd have to know at what efficiency your nervous system functions whenever you aren't under the influence of any stimulants. It's hard to generalize across the board whether or not stimulants harm your immune system, based on how they affect your behavior.

  • Yes, that happens. Every time I drank coffee I would get diarrhea. That may be because of the microbiological activities differs from the normal one. But I know company that masters in drug deign is working on this, and hope the drug will be available soon thus I can better enjoy the flavor of coffee.
  • Not only because it makes you get less sleep or take worse care of yourselves,  excess caffeine will change the intestinal flora of your body,The intestinal flora will become a barrier which can protect human beings from pathogenic bacteria, which will affect your immune system. That's what I learn form metagenomics

    The intestinal flora plays an important role in your body, you should be really careful for what you have take. 

    Finally, take care of yourselves!


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