Ferrofluid Charms

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So many projects I'm working on and so little funding, so I though I'd try my hand at funding through trinketry. Get your ferrofluid charm right here! The walls of the vials I'm using are thin enough that they will interact with a magnet implant. A mere 10$ plus shipping and it's all yours!




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    Ok, so a disclaimer and instructions..

    First off, the blob within does interact well with the magnet but it doesn't form the really awesome spikes and shapes like it does with stronger magnets. So, It's not quite as awesome as say a big bottle and a really powerful magnet.


    Also, they are really easy to make yourself. Ferrofluid isn't pricey.

    Example: http://www.teachersource.com/product/bulk-ferrofluid-100ml-1000ml/electricity-magnetism?gclid=CjwKEAjwhJmwBRDGsamBu8Pp7FwSJACKD1KHZsjAG2N3GE9TGMpAVef7Qd9HXfcCV4fKgxlEz-jnUBoClePw_wcB

    This is 100ml for about 40 bucks. These charms contain like 1/10 of a ml or so.

    The charms were purchased chinese wholesale for a thing at Grindfest. The DNA extraction thing did work... just didn't have everyone shake it enough. Ha. I walked a few people who were interested through it later and then realized it was like impossible to get it in these damn tiny cylinders. Alas, your loss is my gain. If I remember right, these were about 30 cents each. They seal well, so no issue with leaking.

    If you'd like one, shoot me a PM! Thanks! Proceeds go towards a new autoclave and fixing that big round burn on the lab table. Never drink and clave.

    Edit: Oh, and in terms of the clear fluid. I tried a bunch of stuff. With water, the ferrofluid just sticks to the sides of the vial. Alcohol has an interesting effect.. the stuff become a bunch of particles that are still paramagnetic. Oil is a solvent to the stuff.. it just becomes a dilute black mess. What I found to work best is normal saline. The ferrofluid doesn't stick and forms a nice globule.  

  • McStuff sent me a message about having done this before as well. He used water, not saline so maybe these will be a tad different, but he reported that by month 6 it was a nasty gloop stuck to the glass, and some weird rusting particles. Per Dee Hawk,
    "Substance is enduring, form is ephemeral"
    I've always hated plastic plants so much. Trying to capture the essence of something whos very beauty is based on it's evanescence. I've decided to raise the price. It's now 11 dollars.
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