What are some less 'intense' biohacking things that less adventurous people can do?

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Looking for some stuff that the 'common person' could relate to... So, not looking for piercings or implants. Things like
  • Sleep-Hacking
  • Scientifically backed dieting
  • Nootropics that the average person can pronounce
  • Niche guides?
  • Advanced self help?


  • I wrote a 1-page guide people can safely goof around with. It's about sensory expansion and machine recognition with no commitment.
  • Before implanting the tag I gave myself an NFC "tattoo" - basically sticking a clear tag to my skin and putting hypafix clear over it to hold it in place.

    Been thinking about doing it again actually since it's slightly more reliable than the implant due to being flat and it looks cool.
  • NFC "tattoo" sounds really cool!
  • Barcode yourself....I'm sure some one if not yourself would be able to type some code up if you wanted to use it for operating things.

    Barcode read->activates device->device opens door
  • I've heard that working barcodes are tough to tattoo.  Don't remember why it was hard.  Maybe line width tolerances are too low for most scanners to cope with a "hand drawn" bardcode?  Honestly don't remember.
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    I have two barcodes on the right side of my ribcage. The guy who did
    them was a professional artist but he had never done barcodes and he
    butchered them. They aren't easy.
    Read this guide about making tattoos which scan.[Link]
    Getting custom temporary tattoos is also possible, and you can even do it at home with the right kit. Bam: QR backpiece.
  • You could always look up haptics. Sensebridge has the northpaw. Of if youre interested you could look up haptic distance/temperature sensors.
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