Analysis of coatings

Quick question - does anyone here have access to proper lab equipment (specifically an electron microscope would be handy) for the purposes of analysing a removed implant's coating?

I'm pondering trialling some coating materials by leaving them in for a month and then cutting out and inspecting them.


  • I think @cassox has done something similar i beleave
  • I have electron microscope access now but 2 things. 1, under that kind of magnification, everything looks bumby as fuck. About 200-400x is more than enough for our purposes. And a half decent microscope can do that. Hell you can get one on ebay for 50 bucks that'd do that. 2 each session is a couple hundred bucks so it's not a wander in and use it kind of deal, least at my school. Since to use it, it needs a metal coating (gold) which they have to apply to every sample, and it's slow to use and you only get an hour. 
  • for leakage detection, couldn't you put in some fluorescent liquid, evacuate the air, and afterwards inspect under UV light?.
    Alternatively you could build a leakage detection test circuit. With a few FET's you can detect even the tiniest currents. Given you test it in some sort of conductive liquid (everyone has some salt at home, right?)
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