Important question re: Samppa Von Cyborg's magnets

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Hi all,

I've got a magnet implant that I'm worried has been compromised; there's some dark discolouration on the site and I've been feeling a little strange the past few weeks. May be paranoia, I know, but I think I'm gonna play it safe with this one and get it removed.

I need to know exactly what kind of magnet Samppa Von Cyborg makes, how they're coated etc, as I know that's the one I've got. Specifically, I need to know the metals involved-- I'm assuming neodymium coated in copper and nickel, am I right?

All replies greatly appreciated!


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    I have two of his cylinders and I /believe/ they're actually coated in paraline. Neodymium I think is right for the magnet itself.

    Also good luck!!
  • Oh yes, when I said copper and nickel I meant in the sense that all neodymium (I think) is coated in it just in general. Good to know that the bio-inert casing is paraline, thanks! And thanks for the well-wishing; it's all a bit worrying!
  • Pictures are very helpful.
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