Possible Magnet Removal

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About a year and a half ago I got a magnet implanted in my right hand by Ninjaflower, in Wellington NZ. Everything's gone smoothly so far, and I've had no issues at all (even going through airport security a whole lot). Unfortunately the magnet seems to have been moving, very slowly, closer to the surface, since the protrusion from it is getting more pronounced. Is this a problem that usually occurs at some point? Or have I most likely mistaken some swelling or the formation of a tissue layer around the implant for movement?

Finally, if this is the case, would removing the magnet be the best option or should I simply wait it out in lieu of other symptoms?


  • Is there any tenderness or redness? Any veins/capillaries that are really red?
    Is the temperature at the sight elevated? If the answer to all of these questions is no, just wait and see for now. Also, what kind of coating did the magnet have?
  • No to all of those, thankfully. There is one quite visible vein that has always run over the top of where the magnet is (my veins are always easily noticeable) and it seems to be normal, so waiting sounds good. I'm pretty sure it's parylene coated, since that's what Ninjaflower usually buys, though I could always pop back and ask since I'm in Wellington for a month or two right now.
  • Well, parylene does have an annoying habit of degrading from wear and tear, so that may be what it is. 
  • Last time I was in ninjaflower they told me they don't do those implants any more. Let me know what they say -- if they might be doing them again I could go and get mine put in finally.
  • When did you last check with them? Mine was done in early 2014, and they said they had done about a dozen by that stage, but I haven't checked with them in a while now.

    If I do need to get it removed (ie it starts showing redness, tenderness, etc.) what's the best way to go about removing it? Just a sterile scalpel and some bandages or would I need to be stitched up afterwards (as I was when they put it in)?
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