Orexin-A Group Purchase .



  • 1 µg = 0.001 mg

    So unless I'm mistaken 1mg will give only 5 doses.

    I have ordered by myself a vial of 5mg to test, if it works I'll definitely be interested in the group purchase option.  Is the Indigogo page up yet?
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    Did you ever Recieve the vial and would you be willing to tell how well its working? Also what site did you order from?

    --Edit-- also how much did you pay for this?
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    me and friend found this on the nootropics site for 90 dollars for a 5mg vial and we were going to purchase this, i was wondering if there were any long term health risks.

    ~~Edit~~ the website was nootropicsource.com if you guys know anything about how reliable they are info would be appreciated thank you so much!!
  • I bought a 5mg vial from ceretropic.com, it comes well wrapped in aluminium thermal insulation. In my case, after shipping cost was about the same as nootropicsource.com (which I have not tried)

    I want in on this deal if it's still live, please send me the details.  I can cover for others if we're not enough people. ;-)
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