Hello world , I am Diethyl .

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Hello everyone ,

This is my first time posting on the forum , and though I have been on the IRC channel for only a brief time , I am not entirely new to the idea of biohacking or the community .
I've been throwing around some ideas for an open ended system on the IRC channel , particularly with with GarethTheGreat and ThomasEgi .  There has been a lot of good feedback both ways on the forums and what I have experienced from the community is a great deal of collaboration , parallel thought , and inspiration . I digress at any rate the community is completely invaluable to my on going efforts .
The system I have proposed is an open ended system capable of being what the user wants it to be . As a caveat , please realize that though I maybe somewhat proficient in digital electronics and programming I am in no way a professional in either of these fields(I am a graphic designer by trade) . Everything I intend to realize is an ongoing effort , so please forgive me for my future posts if everything I am about to say if it is foolhardy or impractical ...

Best regards ,


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