m31 implant at September Grindfest success!

edited September 2015 in Magnets
Finally got my m31 implanted, after a few months of waiting. Got it done at the September Grindfest that @Cassox is hosting. The procedure was relatively painless (lets just say no need to worry about pain or flinching), and very well done, took no more than 2-3 minutes from incision to closure. No mess (blood) to deal with either.  I'd definitely suggest having Cassox do the procedure when he's free, to anyone not wanting to do it themselves. Not to mention the atmosphere of the place was pretty awesome. Friendly people, good food, great conversation, with a lighter comical edge. I laughed my ass off at the one recording @Cassox had. Can't remember who was speaking in it though. Probably going back again before Grindfest is over.

Now I just gotta keep this thing clean, and properly care for it, and not bang my finger against anything for a while and I'll be set! lol


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