2016 BodyHacking Con in Austin, TX

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Hello all!

If you haven't heard already, we're starting an event in Austin, TX next February called BodyHacking Con or BDYHAX for short. I've already been talking to a handful of you about this personally. BDYHAX is about taking the hacker/maker methodology to our bodies. Treating the body as a system, understanding it, and making it do what you want. So, wearable tech to enhance your senses or track your data, nootropics, brain training, cybernetics and prosthetics, body modification (with a very inclusive definition, so, counting orthodontics, corsetry, and plastic surgery) and tons of other stuff. 

You can check out our speaker list on our website at www.bodyhackingcon.com. More folks, including ones you should definitely recognize, are coming as I finalize agreements with them. If you think of anyone you'd love to see at an event like this, let me know. We may not be able to include them for the first year, but I've got a huge list of potentials for the future going.

There's also an expo portion that we're opening up to the general public at no cost, an interactive wearables concert on Friday and a party on Saturday night with a heavy "cyborg grey-market and secret dance club" vibe. If you work at a company related to this space that may be interested in participating, I'd love an introduction. We are looking for companies like Fitbit, Google, EnChroma, Ekso Bionics, as well as smaller nootropics sellers, DIY kit manufacturers, and 3d printing companies.

The first 400 general registration passes are $60. Registration is opening later this month and we'll be announcing it to our mailing list first. 

Anyway, feel free to reach out to me here, or if you want to reach me more quickly you can email me at info[at]bodyhackingcon[dot]com.


  • Haha, awesome that this is happening in Austin. Keep Austin Weird! 
  • General Austin weirdness, big fitness city, strong tech center, open to experimentation and body modification. Lots of good reasons to do it there.

    Are you from Austin?
  • pibpib
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    Dangit. Why couldn't this sort of thing happen BEFORE I left Austin. 

    Will this be webcast?
  • It would be awesome if there could be a stream of this and there could be a charge for watching the stream to pay for the hassle of putting up the necessary equipment
  • Or a stream and a donate button. I gotta figure they will be taking video already.
  • Currently, the plan is to film a lot of the talks and release them on YouTube after the event. Some of the speakers have asked that we not film their talks, and there will be a lot of cool stuff going on in places where we won't have cameras. 

    That being said, badges are $60 and flights into town are not terribly expensive. Also, use the discount code GRINDERS for 25% off when you register at https://www.regonline.com/2016BDYHAX

    Please, share that with your friends. We could use some more registrations and support.
  • Well I'm in another hemisphere for a while so flights are a little much for me. I'll try to recruit some local austinites though.
  • So, who all is going to this?
  • I am! I'll have a booth and will be giving a talk on sunday at 1:30. 
  • Here's the schedule. Lot's of interesting things.

  • Wish I could go.... (Starting new job shouldn't take off.)
  • I'm going! 
  • I'll be there
  • See y'all down there. Who's looking forward to what?
  • If it's anything like my first conference with a bunch of transhumainists and a people from the board, I look forward to an exciting day of heckling people outside of the talks.

    Anyone who wants to talk metaphysics or technological positivism, get it in early before I run out of fucks to give.
  • Anyone coming out to NYC for HOPE XI?
  • Oh! I so very much want to!
  • Friend of mine got some group tickets, and then one of the group bailed. Anyone in the Austin area need a ticket? PM me, first come first serve.
  • For those of you who didn't make it,im guessing that searching the #BDYHAX tag on Twitter is a good way to get the footnotes from many of the talks. It was an amazing experience and I'm really lucky to have been here with y'all that came and the other people who were there.

    I've lost my voice from excited conversations.
  • Any news about video of the conference ? 
  • I believe they said they are going to put their videos up on YouTube "throughout the year"
  • Any other feed? other the official? 
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