IR Laser used for distance measurement

So I was looking up potential devices that would output accurate information. I found this. 

I don't quite have a magnet yet but am planning on getting one soon, would this device, when properly powered and wired, be sufficient to trigger a magnet implant similar to project bottlenose? The specs are included on the page along with a suggested circuit diagram. 

Currently I am looking for an IR temperature gauge that does something similar. Just thought I could shoot this idea out. 


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    It will be possible to make this device into a device similar to a Bottlenose but the maximum range on your linked device is 30cm. If you're looking to navigate a room this won't be very effective. If you want to translate the observed distance into serial data to get precise measurements of something nearby it would still be doable.
    What do you want to use this for?
    If you want to get started right away check out these blog posts about a vibrating distance sensor or the corresponding Instructable. They don't require a magnet implant.

    The glasses worn in my Avatar are the first build of the temperature sensing rig.

    Since you asked, there is also an IR temperature sensing rig which can output to a vibrating motor or a magnet implant.

    Hope this points you in the right direction and welcome to BioHack.

  • Thanks for the info. I'll try to find a longer range one. I was going to use it the same way as bottlenose, for room navigation, I was also going to do a long distance thermometer attachment too. With luck miniaturize it to the point where I could put both into a gauntlet.

    Opting for affordable devices like this seems like a good idea.

    I prefer infrared to sonic in concept which is why I was looking into the IR tech.
  • I'm glad it helped. One of the reasons I recommended those instructions was because they're cheap. Once you know you can make a device that works you can make one that works better with more expensive gear. It's easier to build a on a project that works than build it all from scratch. I apologize that the code doesn't have better comments but you can always ask me in a PM.
  • as for navigation i'd recommend ultrasonic over IR. Using light you could run at risk of crashing into glass doors. Sonic is more reliable in terms of obstacle detection since even narrow or transparent objects will create an echo. With IR you could always miss the narrow object by millimeters and bump into it.
  • Can background/environmental noise interfere with sonic detectors?
  • Only if you have ultrasonic background noise at 80+db
  • Thanks ElectricFeel, i was wondering about that. Looks like sonic is the way to go. 
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