DEF CON 24 - Aug 4-7, 2016 - Las Vegas

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Almost time!  Details as we know it so far...

DEF CON 24! "Rise of the Machines"

August 4-7, 2016
Paris/Bally's, Las Vegas
Cash only at the door (DEF CON 24 is $240 USD)
Hotel Reservations <-- All the known ones are booked

Travel <-- Rideshare?

Who's going?

  • BirdMachine
  • cyberlass
  • Cassox
  • Proteus
  • Benbeezy
  • amal
  • rshtirmer 
  • unconfirmed rumors of others!

DC24's BioHacking Village <-- Speakers are up!



  • Sooner it's all hashed out, the easier (and cheaper) it'll be!
    $184/night is fantastic for an on-site room, especially when split up between a few heads. (Seriously, once my new job kicks off in October I'd love to coordinate some room sharing) I'll be coming from the east coast, so I'm setting up some flight alert stuff now. Looks like most airlines won't let me book just yet though. But I'll be checking over and over till things show up. (Flight tip: Fuck Spirit airlines with a rusty cactus. Seriously. Avoid at all costs.)

    Talks.... What kind of talks and papers would people want to see next year? I feel like the lot of us have to have plenty of interesting topics. If you think you can go on about it for a slot of time, you probably can :D Building a neat kit / project? Researching some cool stuff? You know you wanna share it.

    I'm hoping to get supplies and plans around bringing a bundle of bottlenose kits for people to work on, similar to the goodies in the HHV. Implantations on site are probably a bad idea (given the environment/inebriation/con crud... swear I have the immune system of a beast to have survived). But this could be a great chance to sell kits and show off projects for interfacing with the things we have! Great chance to answer that "but WHY?!" question, too.
  • Agreed on the room, the sooner we put in a reservation the better. :) I was thinking it would be good to get a room for 5 nights (Sept 3-7). One night before (Aug 3rd) so the early birds can check in and have room keys for the others. That avoids "can't check in until after X time" and the Con check-in crowd on the 4th.

    "Hacking" flights:
  • Sign me up and let me know when you're coordinating purchasing of the stuffs.
  • I'm down. Count me in.
  • I'll attending, and hopefully speaking too. I went to the post con meeting with the organizers, next yeah should be better planed, e.g. there will be a bunch of guidelines and rules etc. Because they don't know anyone from the forum/grinder community, they asked me to be the point of contact between us and them (not that you can't contact them directly or anything, just that I know everyone in community so I can pass along info etc.) and I'm on their planning mailing list, so I'll update this thread as things kick off later in the year/early next year.
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    @bciuser @Cassox @AlexSmith - all added :) Thanks AlexSmith for being the Def Con liaison, it sounds like next year should be pretty awesome and it's great that the community will have some input.

    BirdMachine, I love the idea of kits and interactive demos. It would be good to have a range of biohacking interests represented - wearables, implants, biology mods, nootropics etc. I'd hazard a guess that implanting tags should be ok environment/inebriation/Con Crud wise. Like you I'm less sure about anything more complex, were there any implants last time that might give a clue how well people handle it at a con? Mostly though it sounds like we'll have to see how the planning goes and get updates from AlexSmith on the guidelines and focus of the organizers.
  • I pulled the trigger on a room reservation (Aug 3 - 7, checking out on the 8th) to lock in the good price. :D
  • Beautiful!! :D Thanks so much for sorting that out asap! Count me in for a share, please.

    I had a chip implanted for a demo and until I managed to get back home it was red and pretty angry at me. Hauling my bag around wasn't helping, but it seems to be pretty well healed by now. I do have worries that it might have migrated since I can't seem to feel it, but it was SO tiny, it could just still be some minor internal swelling. 

    I have a feeling actually upgrade installations won't be OKed by people in charge. (However, I mean it's quite a wild party with plenty of private rooms. We can't really control what people do with the kits once they buy them...)
  • We have an another option for housing at DEF CON that came up. A friend who also wants to go has Marriott discounts and says he can get us a suite at a discount. He’s getting a firm quote but quick math says prices would be similar to: 
    3 bedroom villa = $291/night (if we get 6 people, it would be $48.5/night/person) 

    Our current reservation is a 1 bedroom at Paris $124/night. I think the rough headcount is 5 right now and that should easily increase as we get closer to the event. 

    Cons for Marriott 
    Not at the host hotel for Con. It’s a 10-15 min walk. Harder to run back to room to drop things off. Also BirdMachine reports 100F weather so that sounds pretty sweaty and gross for walking. (can compensate by taking a taxi or avoiding peak sunlight times) 

    Pros for Marriott 
    Great price for a suite (they come in 2 and 3 bedroom) and the per person could be lower if more people go in on it. Kitchenette. Separate bedrooms lessen awake/sleeping conflicts. Can get away from Con. 

    BirdMachine and I talked it over and had no firm conclusions. We're both pretty torn, so it's time to seek input -- as far as I can tell the main 4 options are: 
    1) Just rooms: Keep Paris reservation and add more rooms as people join in. 

    2) Faux suite - As more people join get rooms at Paris that are adjoining (w/ shared doors inside). Leave interior doors open to make a faux suite. 

     3) Suite - switch reservation to Marriott and plan around heat and distance. Add second room or suite if group is large enough

     4) Room + Suite - keep reservation and add Marriott. People pick which they'll be sleeping at before con and the Paris room acts as a "day room" for everyone to use during the day to temporarily drop things off/cat nap etc. This one requires we have a larger group and could go really well or really poorly. 

    Is one of these a clear winner? Better options?
  • From experience on years having gone to both Blackhat and Defcon I can say that being super close to Defcon is more of a personal preference than anything else. Besides this year where I was in Paris hotel, I have been around 10 minutes away as well and I didn't find it that bothersome seeing as I have my own vehicle to drive around everywhere. 

    While I am pretty sure I'll be making the 24th Defcon and Blackhat I can't promise anything seeing as I am getting a new job in the next couple weeks and I don't know how lenient they will be with me being gone for so long (assuming I do both events).

    Also if I do go I will be driving there so I will have a 5 seating vehicle available to those who are interested in roaming around out of the cons.
  • I will be staying in Paris/Bally's but work pays for me to go to DEFCON, so I probably won't be interested in sharing a room, however, people can use my room for day events rather than going off site.

    I think people might try to ban us doing lots of implants in public.. but I did some in my room this year, so as long as we don't publicize it too much, I think we can get away with it 
  • Bump to remind everyone that this is still a thing! Planning should really get serious during and after Grindfest02. 
  • I am still not positive if I can make it to the con this year, but I am definitely going to try to make it work. I just got the time approved off from work just in case I am able to swing it.

    I am doing the John Muir Trail a few days after con so it would make for a certainly epic month! The juxtapostion between those two life changing experiences would also make them both more awesomem I think.

    As for places to stay, I actually just got home from vegas a few weeks ago. My family have been marriot members for bascially my entire life, so I can have them check what sort of deals we could swing at the Grand Chateau. We stayed in one of the three room suites this year and last when we were there for the rugby 7s tourney. They are really pretty nice, and the side suite and the main room both have really nice pull out beds, and quite a bit of floor space so we can definitely pack some bodies into those room. 

    As for getting to the con from there, it is really more like a 5-10 minute walk, and you can actually go straight across the street from the marriot into the miracle mile shops, which dump out on the north side basically right at the paris, so you could do it without really having to be in the heat for more than a few minutes. 

    I will look further into my plans to see if I can confirm for sure that I will make it, and I will have my parents look into what kind of deal we could get at the grand chateau.
  • 3 weeks away!

    I had a serious schedule disruption but want to get things back on track. I confirmed the hotel reservation is still solid. I  just created a Slack channel for general chatter on DefCon. 
  • dang, i heard all the talk of this and i wanted to go but i wasn't sure of the dates. I may going to another convention for my job at the time. but we'll see. 
  • Can't wait for Defcon! My brother and I will be there.. are you guys doing a group chat like last year? Can't wait to see Alex's talk this year since last years were really interesting.
  • @rshtirmer, I'm not seeing a group talk this year, but we should make sure a panel is done next year! And from what I can tell Alex can't make it this year -- but DirectorX and Amal should be there and speaking.  There are a number of other biohackers speaking as well. I'm excited as well to go to the talks/village and to meet more of the biohacking community -- new people and perspectives leads to new ideas and breakthroughs. 
  • Also, the Oxytocin is in. So who's down for trust poker again? Who's coming in on Wednesday night?
  • I'm a huge maybe if I'm going - does anyone have an open bed and down to split costs?
  • and reservations have been made - I'm in!

    I'll be in Wednesday night. Not sure at what time, and I'll have the gf with me. I'm ditching her with some friends while at the con.
  • @birdmachine has landed! It has begun, muhahahaha. Also oxytocin poker Wed night sounds great, I feel like I can trust it to be a good time. Not sure why. ;)
  • @cyberlass what is this oxtocin poker wednesday night and how do I join :) 
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    rshtirmer - are you in our slack group? We have a defcon chat going on between us.

    I think cyberlass can add you....
  • @mmuyskens thanks for letting me know about that. That would be great!!
  • Fun stuff. Does anyone have any photos they can dump?
  • Bird said on Slack that she'd be posting hers today and sharing a link when she does.
  • @DirectorX I can post the video of Proteus getting punch / slapped, assuming everyone in the video is ok with it being posted here. 
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    I have some here!
    You might see some semi dupes... I included both original files AND ones I've run through some editing :) 

    I also have a potential implant video, but I wanna cross some T's and dot some I's and verify things with it before sharing. Meanwhile, enjoy! Note to self next year: More pictures of the actual talks.... 
  • Who's implant video? If it's mine, you're welcome to share. I still haven't seen it.
  • Sadly I didn't get yours. Oversight on my part, sorry! I only got the neck placement. I'll need to make sure to get more faces (and limbs, appendages, blood, etc) next time around.
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