Magnetic Teeth

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Recently, when I had some dental X-rays done, my dentists discovered that one of my molars was taking itself apart from the inside. It's an unusual, but not unheard of event known as internal resorption. So, sometime in the next six months (sooner rather than later), I have to have a root canal done on that tooth, before I accidentally shatter it. It's the molar on the upper left side, 2nd from the back. The typical procedure for treating this condition is doing a root canal, filling the void with dental cement/resin(whatever they use for such purposes), and crowning the tooth. I figure that you could fit an M31 in that void just as easily as you could fill it with cement. And then you've got a pretty decent placement for an alternative form of invisible headphones. Would such a thing be possible and productive, and how likely will the endodontic specialist be to go along with it?


  • Could be interesting, but the vibration might become obnoxious. With the bone anchor your jaw is gonna buzz.

    I've played with headphones that you bite down on, and they work fairly decently.

    Odds of your dental surgeon going along with it? Low.
  • Almost impossible to get a dentist to go along with it.

    As someone with multiple tooth works... I wouldn't recommend it. I don't think that it's a compatible sensory stimuli, and it would either do "not much" or "get this the hell out of me".
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