East cost peeps

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Hey I know lots of you guys are on the west coast but I figure there must be east coasters out here!
I think we (if there is enough) should get a meet up at some point for those of us who can't travel cross country.
I'm up in southern Maine


  • Northern Georgian here
  • I'm East Coast, Usually in Norfolk, VA.
  • Eastern Floridian.
  • Man lots of southerners. Guess I need a nice warm road trip to key west some time in the winter.

    @electricfeel you type like your from Boston lol
  • I have a lot of friends from up that way. They take a toll on me.
  • Haha it happens I'm from there moved to Maine. I always get accused of making fun of Maine accents cause they are so close.
  • My accent is weird as hell. I get asked if I'm foreign a lot. That happens when your accent is a Frankenstein of southern, british and northeaster. I played a lot of online games when I was setting my speech patterns.
  • i know the feeling mines morphing into a Maine Boston hybrid
  • Boston here :D and apparently I've managed to avoid picking up the accent. 
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    Haha some would say that's good I say it's a shame. @chironix you the traveling type? I figure Quebec or Ontario?
  • I'm late to this one but I'm in NYC. Any New York folks?
  • We won't judge you lol. I don't think to many people on the east coast or at least on this forum sadly.
  • Little late to this forum, but I'm in eastern Kentucky.
  • Philadelphia reporting in.
  • So, another important question if we decide to host an east coast grindfest-type event. Does anyone have a property we can host at? I don't, and won't for at least another 5 years(excluding the fact that I'm quite far away from all you northerners, which is definitely inconvenient).
  • I was thinking about that trying to figure out a central location that would work but we are mostly up north or down south. I know I'll be land hunting this coming year (once the snow season is over) so I would up here but that is about as far as you could get away from others.
  • So I've moved back down to Massachusetts from Maine so I'm a little closer. I do have some places I could use for some kind of event here. The first thing that comes to mind is Plymouth center which has convention halls galore and also some nice areas to gather outdoors.

    Right now I don't know how much it would be to use one of these halls but I do think I have a connection to one that could be useful if we did.
  • Yay, another Masshole :D
    There are hackerspaces in Boston that might be ok hosting an even, and I know the Artisan's Asylum over in sommerville will host public classes and events sometimes. I'll keep an ear to the ground on that and see how it works.
  • That sounds good. I always knew I wouldn't be able to escape this place ;).
  • I'm from Maine too :D
    What town are you in? I'm from Kennebunk
  • I'd love to come to a Boston meetup if it weren't a 10 hour drive :P
  • Can't blame you @electricfeel.

    I was living in Saco @thegoatgod
  • Upstate New York here
  • Was? Did ya move?
  • I did move about 2 weeks ago
  • Northern VA (basically DC). Philadelphia and NYC are kind of middle ground... But hotel prices in nyc are ridiculous.
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    I'll ask around about a spot in Philadelphia since it's a middle ground for us north-east folk. There are a couple decent hackerspaces that might be willing to host. There's also GenSpace in NYC which might be more accommodating.
  • North Georgia here, I think it would be great if there were more events that are located on the east coast. Or even just meeting for stuff like the next Grindfest and conecting via skype or google hangouts. And then getting one or two of us who can do implants and stuff like that.
  • Hey I'm gonna bring this back to life and see if we've gained any more people.

    I'm also going to bring up a thought. What do you southern people think of a middle ground like Virginia beach? That would open the reach to some of the wetware people in PA and could even include @benbeezy.

    My thought is maybe using it as a larger gathering and then having smaller regional type events for instance I'm in southern Mass now and we would have a northeast gathering.
  • I am all about this! I've got at /least/ a year to go till I can find some kinda hosting space for the NE sadly... but getting more in person action is a great way to keep projects going! And Virginia Beach sounds like a pretty rad place :D
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