Brown eyes to blue.

Now I saw an article some time last year, now it looks like people have begun doing it. It's a pretty awesome thing to know we can change any part of our body we want. What are everyone's thoughts on this? Dangerous, safe, blinding, would you get it if you could?

I personally would change the color of one eye.


  • This is the company behind that article,, but last I checked, they were still in clinical trials
  • I'll be interested when they can turn my baby blues into pimpin' purples.
  • @zombiegristle lmao.  also. wow. this sounds fucking awesome. i wonder what shade of blue we're talking about here. does it depend on the existing depth of color of your brown eyes already?  i would think there is a link. As a side note, my dad while we were living in russia, got some contact lenses.  in case any of you didn't know, russia is a shithole. So it follows that the contact lenses were cheaply made and while they probably worked in terms of their practical application, they hurt his eyes alot (probably bad fit, but could be other reasons). 
     Either way, as a result of wearing them his eyes changed color from a brown to a gray-ish blue.  not sure if my parents were lying to me when they said his eyes used to be brown haha, but figured that was an interesting occurrence...
  • I have read something about that causing a cataract... so NOPE.
  • But cataracts can be corrected by replacing the lens. Not a terribly big issue.
  • @TheGreyKnight, I was under the impression that artificial lenses are still rather inferior compared to a decent natural one, so ruining a perfectly good original might still be unwise.
  • In the end everyone, just like every other body mod, there is risk. If I one day plan on getting this, it will be after there are many more tests, as this could effect my eyesight.
    As for color, the color would be the same for everyone, a grey blue. technically without pigments, all eye color is grey, and with varying moods, pigments fill into the eyes, and change the eye color. so for the most part, in dim light, you will have grey eyes. in the middle of the day, you're have a dark blue

  • Glad to know my gray eyes are human standard.
  • You have... Grey eyes... I've always wanted those...
    It's probably not as exciting as you imagine.
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  • I do always get a kick out of the idea that a forum of people trying to transcend humanity and upgrade their bodies runs on a platform from the computer dark ages. But I digress :P I'm torn on wether I want to go from my eyes to blue ones. I've always maintained mine change color as I've seen them go yellow and friends have said they go red at times (no I don't mean from drugs lol)(yes I mean the iris) But i've never seen that so I dunno. So the question is do I go for grey/blue? or keep ones that may or may not change color. I dunno. I'd certainly switch if I could pick a color other than blue or grey. Like red or purple or green or something else fun I'd go for. I think probably next year when I start looking into bio stuff and im done with the nanowork I'll start looking into this again. I think a protocell could be made to deliver either pigment or DNA that would produce pigment. I'm also curious if you culd inject pigment. I know you can with the white bit but I think the iris wouldn't take well to it. 
  • One of the common things with lighter eyes is increased photosensitivity, and that may seem like a casual thing to you. It's really not. Going outside and immediately getting a migraine or dealing with excruciating brightness is really annoying. I have to wear sunglasses whenever I go outside.
  • ElectricFeel does have a point. Most people don't notice, but people with blue eyes tend to have many more headache's than other people.
    I would still change either one full eye, or the majority of one eye. So it looked like I have heterochromia
  • I bet there would be a market for permanent cosmetic heterochromia. Given the trend of internet pictures featuring different characters and huskies with differing eye colors it could be profitable.
  • And then we'll have an IRL version of what's been going on throughout image boards...everyone and their dog has heterochromia and it ceases to be anything resembling "novel".

    It's like kids that want to eat dessert all the time, without understanding that scarcity is what makes it special in the first place.
  • You do realize you're being hypocritical right zombie? Purple (violet actually) is a real eye color. You just agreed you'd be interested when they could turn yours purple. There are more people with heterochromia than there are with purple eyes
    It shouldn't matter. If someone wants to change their bodies let them. Eyes included
  • I think you're taking the things I say a wee bit too srsface.
  • Agreed. Novelty aside, People with light colored eyes could have better night vision. I, personally, am wondering whether or not less natural eye colors are doable with lasers alone. This would work by destroying the melanin in the eyes, yes?
  • Yeah pretty much. They just lase the outer regions and voila, lighter eyes.
    I have very nice night vision, but the daytime pain is not worth it.
  • I wonder if you could lase patterns into the iris color... e.g. a blue cross in brown eye...
  • If you could i'm sure one jackass would come in wanting a cock and balls burned into their iris. Which, I dunno what'd be more funny. their face on the day they realize what they just did or the look on the doctors face when they get the request
  • More like the racist that get's the swastika in their eyes.

    But then there would be the entertaining people who'd get the umbrella corp logo in their iris, or the Sharangan from Naruto in them. lol

    I for one would like just a little discoloration myself.
  • yeah, people would do that for sure, but it's not that bad, when they decide it was a mistake, they can just lase the rest of the iris and have totally blue eyes.
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