Possible to get Dangerous Things M31 Magnet Injected?

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Hey guys,
about 2 weeks ago I had an xNT tag implanted in my right hand, and it's working nicely. I want to do an M31 magnet next, but my major concern is having to hack away at my finger with a scalpel. Is it possible to inject it like my RFID tag? If not the M31, does anyone know of any bio-safe magnets which can be injected?


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    If you are worried about the procedure, find a body artist who would be willing to help. The process is simple enough that if the practitioner is focused(you, if that is what you so choose) there won't be any problems. I am not as experienced as the other guys around here but I feel like there are a few issues with just injecting it. The magnet needs a pocket to sit in, and the needle won't be able to create that with out having to "hack away" at your finger. Another issue with this is that the needle will create a direct pathway for the implant to be rejected due to the size of the needle needed, and the size of your finger. With the common method, the pathway would be trickier for the body to reject. If done in a sterile environment with an injection of lido, the process is over in under 10 minutes with minimal harm to the person at question. You guys can correct me if I a wrong, but I just needed to put in my two cents for the day.
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    Here is a video of a guy performing the procedure as an injection. 

    He claims it was rejected due to not caring for the wound properly, what do you make of that? 

    The dimensions of the magnet are a fair bit smaller compared to the M31, I don't have a problem with that though. 
  • That is a cylindrical magnet, the shape lends itself to being injected, there is an injectable cylindrical magnet available from dangerousthings.
  • The M63, is to large for a finger though isn't it? I want something for my finger. 
  • Hey, if you wanna try it, go for it! Don't let any of my opinions stop you, I would talk to @Chironex or some of the other guys first though. A lot of people think that the procedure is really painful and is beyond their threshold of pain. But if that was the case, there wouldn't be those instances where people have just numbed their finger in ice first and proceeded to conduct the operation by themselves.
  • I did one with a hollow needle. it was fine but the magnet was tiny. I tried to put my m31 in the same way but the needed needed to be an 8g so it was FUCKING HUGE for a needle, the issue was that once I had the needle in the taper on it was to long, and didnt go all the way in even though my finger tip way from side to side impaled. late on I did it the normal way and it hurt way LESS so If pain is not your game id say go with the standard way.  
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