Introduction and a plan

Hi there, this is my first post (though i've been hanging out on IRC as well) so here goes my introduction and my current plan for what to stick inside myself:

My name is Gareth (obviously) and i've long had an interest in transhumanism as a very obvious idea that gets way too little practical applications. I've experimented with nootropics, BCIs and CES (Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation) for years but only recently went down the grinder path of getting implants and self-implanted an xNT in my right hand which currently contains a vCard with my contact details and emergency instructions for cryonics (I do also wear a medicalert tag for the cryo stuff and I doubt anyone's going to scan my hand in an emergency, but you never know).

I suffer from a sleep disorder which essentially makes my sleep pattern a cryptographically secure random number generator, something i've been able to self-treat using a range of hacks (CES, neurofeedback and nootropics give me periods where I can actually get stuff done).

My twitter feed is my only current social media type thing other than my unused google+ and is at

With my introduction out of the way, here's my current plan:

As I play guitar I do not want to put magnets into my fingers, so my plan is to put magnets on the side of my hands and in the "meaty" part of the palm below the thumb, in the skin above the abductor pollicis brevis (yes, I looked that up just now, sorry).

Starting with the latter on my left hand, this is my intended procedure:

1 - Order pain management kit and m36 or m31 from dangerousthings along with a scalpel and obtain a sterile drape
2 - Wash + scrub hands with antiseptic wipes, lay out gear on a sterile drape
3 - Dump magnet in chlorhexidine and alcohol while preparing
4 - Scrub implantation site with chlorhexidine
5 - Inject lidocaine, taking usual precautions (aspirate, check for blood, avoid vessels)
6 - Wait until site is numb
7 - Once numb, make small incision taking care not to go to muscle layer
8 - Use scalpel to create a pocket within the skin and insert magnet
9 - Close wound with medical grade superglue and place plaster over it

After that is done and healed up, i'd repeat the procedure with the side of the hand and with my other hand, the theory being this should give me the ability to feel EM fields without needing to put magnets into my actual fingers.


  • well, the idea of the fingertips is because that is where your sense of touch is most sensitive.
    Maybe the m36 will be strong enough to give you a feeling, but as it is now, you'd barely even be able to lift things with the magnet at that location. There is more skin and callous.
  • I've also pondered getting a magnet in the little finger on my right hand, but that strikes me as more difficult to perform the procedure on and the only professional piercer I could locate who'd be willing charges way out of my budget.

    I've read about people supergluing magnets to the outside of the skin to trial things before implanting, would it make sense to try that on my proposed implant site or would it give a false impression due to the skin layer being so thick?
  • I've been kicking around the idea of the back of the hand for a while now. It's reasonably sensitive, and you can still use your hands to explore. Also since i'm considering the spot on your ring finger where a ring usually sits, you can now explore with a first. And I think that's awesome. it's also low enough in your hand that if you punch something it won't be damaged. Use the needle method to get it in I figure. Just be careful of tendons and such. Local anaesthetic for pain, don't bother with a nerve block, just work quickly. 
  • Lepht Anonym has some on the back of the hand but apparently doesn't use them for sensory input.

    I'd be wary of possible heightened risk of damage since it's more exposed to the outside world.
  • Aside from all that, has anyone got any feedback on my implant procedure in terms of safety?
  • It won't impede guitar playing, so just stick it in one of your fingers. You will likely forget it's even in.
  • I can't see how a magnet strong enough to lift paperclips wouldn't cause it to stick to the strings and thus cause annoyance in guitar playing, not to mention the pressure of pushing down on strings.
  • I've had no issues.
  • you need to apply a fair bit of rpessure before it's really "annoying". For example, i would climb 25 foot ropes with a magnet in. That was uncomfrotable. Not terrible though, just not great. A guitar you wont even notice. 
  • I get what you're both saying, but i'd really rather not risk it - it'd break my heart if I got the implant and it caused problems with guitar playing.

    So i'm thinking either the little finger on my right hand or the implant sites I described in my first post.
  • Yeah, I'm a visual artist working in leather. I am going to be getting a magnet (or two) put into my hands in very carefully selected spots. My left hand is almost always in contact with ferrous tools and so I decided that even though I'm right handed to get it put into the right ring finger. I would have decided on my pointer fingers but I am exceptionally rough on the area where the magnet would be (side of finger).

    My suggestion is look at your hands and figure out where your callouses are not. I don't play guitar, but my art has my hands covered in tougher locations than normal.

    What about the bottom side of your palm? The meaty section off to the side of your pinky? I seem to have a fair number of nerves there, it seems like a viable option. I would put it there except for the fact that I flex the area a lot to use hammers and punches.

    Good luck!
  • I've actually put it in my left thumb now
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