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So I was bouncing around the old World Wide Web and started looking into Steve hAworth and read that he uses custom tools for implants. Has anyone seen these or have them I'm very curious how the tool can do what this article says.,5147.1&SUIH=4pBuj7GXrthi6Qn0W3GsJw&redir=aHR0cDovL2JvcmsuaGFtcHNoaXJlLmVkdS9-YXphci9jeWJlci9ib2R5bW9kLmh0bWw


  • Yeah. Its a bent piece of metal. No joke. Basically there isnt a retractor small enough being manufactured so he tried to make one up. There is no point in this thing. I used to snap apart the two halves of a scissor. This is how you work on cadavers, but I've found it too slow and traumatic. I prefer caution, a steady hand and a scalpel.
  • Also, I think your link is bad.
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    Hmm ok I'll try to get the link again. That's pretty sad that that's his fancy tool when they spoke so highly about it in the article.

    Try this I think it was because I was using my phone:
  • "Since it goes through the skin, it could get very infectioned, that's why
    he's very picky on who he does that kind of work on."

    Who wrote this, are they in middle school?
  • lol it does read like that. I feel like he wrote it because there is so much back slapping in it.
  • Well, while I'm critical of Haworth to some extent, I wouldn't go that far. My criticism extends to the body modification world in general... people are more interested in giving the impression that what they do is dangerous rocket science that requires tons of training than actually working together to develop safer/better procedures and products. I don't think that the technique he's using is optimal specifically regarding magnet implants and I think the magnets he makes are huge and weak.
    But... he's not an idiot. His magnets do have a good track record regarding safety/rejection. He also does a LOT of procedures each year, some of which are very very large and require good technique and I haven't heard much about him having failing at any of them. Were this written by Haworth, I expect it would be of higher quality. His tool? Let me reiterate that I see no use or worth in it; however, those he trains to do magnet implants use them exclusively. If anything this is a very smart move.
  • Maybe it's not so much about the tool being super effective as it is about consistency. If he trains someone and they don't use his tool, he can't be at fault for their failures because he told them exactly how to do it and they didn't listen.
  • That's a very good point @frankmatheson
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