MTV Casting Biohackers for Upcoming True Life Episode

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Are you trying to become a “next-level human” by implanting technology into your body? Are you trying to gain special abilities by making technology a part of you? Are you blurring the line between man and machine? Maybe you’re implanting magnets in your fingertips, a bio-tracker in your wrist, LED lights under your skin, or even stimulating your brain with an electric current? 

Have you ever considered yourself a “biohacker,” a “grinder” or a “transhumanist”? Or maybe you’ve thought of a totally unique way to blend technology into your body? Do you want to share your story on MTV True Life? 

If you appear to be between the ages of 18 and 29, e-mail us at [email protected] with your name, phone number, and a recent picture of you. Tell us a little about yourself, your history, and how you’re using technology to change your body for the better.


  • Look everyone, we've managed to get mainstream. Handshakes all around.
    I can't complain about this happening. This is the natural order of things in America...

    Side note: We're all just gonna assume that the three posts in the space of 15 minutes with the similar wording is due to the crappy interface of the board....
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    Is anyone else amused by the "If you appear to be between the ages of 19 and 29"?
  • I didn't want to say anything... Hey guys! do you wanna come over to my party? Yeah, no you're good, you look 18... No offense @PITH, I strongly doubt you talk that way in real life.  *fingers crossed*
  • It seems a bit ageist. The lingo they used for the Teen Mom casting was much more liberal. It was gender biased though, so there's that. Also, the auditions were like 10 months before they started filming and I find that suspicious.


  • Yeah, it is a bit weird that they put an age limit on it. I'm within the limit so I sent an email, nothing to loose. But at the same time I am not quite super human like other (older) people on here.
  • I responded to a request they sent me on twitter, and they were pretty good to talk to. Seems like they want to focus more on who we are as people, less about ridiculous headlines (like the 10,000 or so about the eyedrops that totally turned your eyes black and gave you perfect night vision, Glims :p) Hey, if it means more of an opportunity to talk about these things on our terms and prove we're not just a bunch of crazies shoving metal into us, it's worth a shot!
  • Yeah, they called me and I talked to them this morning. It seams like they are shining a good light on all of it.
  • Is this actually going to air? I did find it on the mtv site though.
  • I mean I think so, I had like a 1.5 hour skype talk with the girl who replied to the email.
  • any updates? i'd be interested in watching this 
  • Well dragon... youll be at grindfest so you'll more than likely end up on camera.
  • haha i didn't realize it was going to be filmed there ... and WHOOO I'M GOING TO BE FAMOUS !!! YOU HEAR THAT MOM?!
  • Hi Everyone,  

    We are finishing up on the episode we were casting this summer about biocompatible tech implants, and we are really excited about it.  Some of you may have met us at Grindfest.  We are now looking to cast a show about Biohacking and more specifically Nootropics.  

    Again we are looking within a certain age group (because the story is told from the POV of our audience's peers 18 - 29) and their experience with the topic. It would be great to be connected with someone who is experimenting with Nootropics, either by prescription or supplement stacking.  I would love to hear their story.  I can be emailed at [email protected]  

    Thank you all again. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.    
  • I know I'm dragging a topic up but any details on the air date?
  • Yeah, I think it's the 23 of this month. It's on the MTV website listings now. Someone should have a viewing party somewhere. Unfortunately I'll be working. :(
  • Sweet I'll be recording that!
  • I agree it does seem odd they want images as well as putting an age limit on there, but if this is legit we are getting airtime so maybe more people will be joining the Cyborg race ;)
  • Ok so I looked on the site it's 11pm eastern standard for USA on December 23.
  • "11pm eastern standard for USA on December 23"???

    Cue days after days of panicked pacing and frantic mumbling DX

    Hoping I can get a relative to tivo it (is that something people still do these days?) My friend was insisting on a viewing party, but I think I'll be visiting my folks for the whole holiday thing. Either way, I'll be sure to try and get a recording of it somehow.
  • shit! its like super official now... I either have to get cable for a single month or will have to get a recording from one of your guys!

    I'm in a weird state of being stoked and at the same time incredibly worried D: 
  • Definitely. Send me a copy too someone?
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    I should be able to rip it from the MTV site once it's posted using my Comcast credentials. I'll post it somewhere to steam. I would be willing to ship out DVDs as well if anyone was interested - just pay shipping.
  • I'll see if I can get something going on it too.
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