Multiple tags in one hand

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This is more of a question directly to @aviin but I think this will be useful for others too.
I saw your avatar which shows that you have bot xNT and xEN in one hand.
I'm interested in doing so too.  I know that they do not interfere as they are on completely different freqs.
However, anything useful you have to say?
Such as:
1. Do I have to way for the first to heal completely and then implant the other?
2. Do you feel anything disturbing due to lack of space?
3. How far is the one from the other?
4. Does it take more "skill" than implanting the first to implant the second?

Slightly off-topic:
I saw in your avatar that you have 4 magnets in each of your fingers.
Is that useful? Do you gain better sensation of things around you?
Is it worth it? I mean, you get 4 mags, you get 4x the sense or it's just a slight difference?
Any discomfort?

Side note: I have no implants yet, so I'm not familiar with the whole process


  • I always assumed he had 4 in 4 fingers, one in each, not 4 in each of his fingers.
  • From what I've heard about those with magnets, some people do have multiple in each hand. 1 in each finger. I've heard those who have them say, they can feel the EMF in a more 3 dimentional effect.
    But in my opinion, those magnets that close to each other would start bothering you after a while, as they would attract or repulse one another. you'd always feel them.

    So yeah: Positives: More idea of Electromagnetic Field shape
    Negatives, fingers never touch when relaxed, or always touch, giving those with OCD or claustrophobia a hard time.
  • I've been away from this board for awhile, so my apologies for not answering here sooner.

    I have one m31 in each finger of my left hand.  I also do have the two glass tags in the same hand.

    Quick rundown addressing everything mentioned here.

    First, I'd wait for the first chip to heal before implanting the second.  Less irritation to the area and will likely result in better healing.  Mine were done months apart.  Mine have ultimately settled about 5mm apart.  Nothing disturbing in how they feel.  No discomfort of any kind.  Skillwise, well, yeah, I suppose it must take a little bit more to do two in one hand so close together, but it was by no means hard to do.  In fact, I did the second one with no assistance at all and didn't even tent the skin up.  I pierced the skin with the injector and sort of used the needle itself to lift the tissue up.  Went very smoothly.

    Having multiple magnets in one hand allows one to sort of "cup" a field.  I didn't have a single long enough to be able to directly compare, but I definitely am glad I have multiples.

    Regarding discomfort, remember that these are small magnets.  I have never once been able to feel the magnet in one finger with the magnet in another.  It just does not happen with my arrangement.  I kind of wish I could feel them that way, honestly.  My fingers do not stick together or repel one another in any noticeable way.  Being somewhat OCD myself (by "somewhat", I actually mean "very"), I can appreciate the idea that if they were attracting or repelling each other, it might bother me at some point.  Then again, as I said, I often wish they WOULD affect one another noticeably.

    Hope this answers your questions.  Again, sorry for the lateness of the reply.
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