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Bottlenose For Sale!

[OLD - New Kits Coming Soon!]


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  1. Please contact us with any questions or suggestions!
  2. Will you publish any plans to make one? I would love to try and modify it so that for example dosimeter or temperature sensor could be hooked to it.
  3. Schematics!  Hackable! Rabble Rabble Rabble!

    Seriously tho, these things. And some pictures.
  4. Album
  5. The glove is one of our versions of Bottlenose that we've done recently. 
  6. Pictures aren't loading for me.
  7. likewise
  8. I thought that was just for me, on account of the strange security on my network...
  9. nah, Mackdog linked to a an image attachment in a gmail, you can't view it unless you are logged into his account :\
  10. Put it on Puush or Imgur please, images don't work
  11. Imgur'd. Sorry about that. 

  12. Looking good, is that arduino powered or something else?
  13. It has to be arduino or derivative, with an .ino firmware file.
  14. You guys seem like you could use a coder. I rewrote the code you posted to be better, tell me what you think. If you're looking for someone to write your firmware, I'm available for cheap.

    You're also missing any code to use the thermopile in your kit.
  15. had a funny thought about using a bottlenose for war driving while doing a security audit. It would certainly be cooler than running around with a cantenna at least.
  16. Mackdog, are these still in pre-order? When is the public launch? 

    Everyone else, has anyone gotten one and can report back?
  17. Cyberlass, we still have some kits available for pre-order. We're going to be launching a Kickstarter in the coming weeks, we're just working on cleaning up the code a bit more before we do that release.
  18. Are there still preorders? I would like to get at least one, maybe two. If not I'll go through the kickstarter. Good luck guys!
  19. We're actually heading back to revise a few things, so we can't get back to offering them juuuuuust yet. Soon though :D

  20. Does anyone tried the Bottlenose original set up with the neodymium? I was just wondering how much pressure could be felt and if one could pick up minor distance changes through it. 

  21. Would it be possible for someone to link more about the Bottlenose? this is the first time I've heard about it, but from what I understand, it's a piece that interacts with a magnetic implant and uses echolocation to get a bit of a blueprint of one's surroundings. Can someone elaborate/correct? I've been reading around here on the forum, and I can't seem to find that much.
  22. We're currently wrapping up a third iteration which should be ready either February or March.

    Meanwhile, we have a 2nd simple variation currently up on github ( this one's designed to work with an uno, and while there's no kit for this version the supplies should be simple enough to source. Your understanding is spot on, and it can be hooked into any sensor so it's not just distance :) As of now, there's even a dash of code for the unit and android to let you send numbers over Morse code. So, physical sensors and numerical data are included!

    Meanwhile, I'll start on getting info into the wiki under haptics.

    (It does work with neodymium, and you can adjust the source code to increase the variance in pulsing per unit of measurement if you want to adjust the feedback response)
  23. schematics?  id like to know how the coil was made too if possible.
  24. Sounds great. What sort of features will we have to look forward to with v. 3? I'd like to get one at some point, but of course I want the latest and greatest
Displaying all 24 comments