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Successful Double M31 Implantation

So, after my first attempt a few weeks ago, I decided to give it another go on the 2nd of May. This time I used a local anaesthetic injection, which allowed me to work more quickly than before. Pretty much standard implantation procedure, although I used the #15 scalpel to make the pocket rather than a blunt object. Middle finger, left hand (pinky side of the finger) went well, the magnet was in in around 5 minutes, then covered with 3 steristrips and a bandaid. When I started the ring finger I suddenly started feeling a bit worse for wear, which made me rush the incision, meaning I cut way too deep, to the point where some adipose tissue was pushing into the opening. I made the pocket as close to the right depth as I could ascertain, and then place the magnet in (getting it around the adipose tissue was slightly difficult - it kept popping the magnet out before it got into the pocket). At this stage I was loosing my vision, so some helpers secured the magnet in the pocket and applied steristrips and a bandaid. It's been just over a week since then and both magnets seem to have healed well. The ring finger magnet is slightly deeper than the middle finger, and seems to register fields better than the middle finger (which is able to pick up slightly more weight - almost a negligible amount). I'm trying not to play with them too much until about the 2 week mark, but so far everything is looking positive. The above link shows a few pictures (out of order) of the healing process. I didn't bother with a picture everyday, as the healing seems to have been documented well by other users. Slight bruising after about a week, but other than that healing just like a normal cut. I've been to the gym twice and played OzTag once, so managed to avoid damaging the hand, so all in all it's pretty good. Cheers to @cassox and @TheGreyKnight for their advice when I screwed up the first time.


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  1. So, I removed the ring finger magnet today. It was slowly becoming a transdermal magnet, so I opened the pocket slightly and pulled it out with another magnet. I'm 99% sure that this was a simple mechanical rejection - there was no blood when the magnet was removed (at all) and the site wasn't swollen or painful, although slightly red. When I made the initial incision during implantation (as mentioned above) I went overly deep. The magnet was pushed into this cut from the pocket as it healed, meaning that it settled perpendicular to the finger pad, which obviously is not conducive to the magnet staying there. So, yeah. I'll implant it again at some stage, but for now it's just the middle finger.
  2. Sorry to hear about the rejection. Thanks for the update, though! Glad it seems to have just been a simple rejection, as opposed to an infection or worse.
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