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Is the m36 magnet from Dangerousthings optional for me?

I always used to be afraid about the size of the magnets, but since I grindered a piece of metal to the size of the m36 I would rather get on these implanted, also I heard some people can't lift a single thumbtack which made me afraid again, because sensing magnetic fields, various devices and electronic stuff (which are possible as I read), wouldn't be the only reason why I really want a magnetic implant. So what else would make me absolutely satisfied is the ability to lift some small objects, but to be honest I have no idea how strong the m36's are. So if any of you guys have an m36 implant I would appreciate it if you could give me some tips, suggestions, recommendations, and give me an idea how strong these are. I live in Hungary though so shipping can always be a problem but dangerousthings' system is pretty fine for me, which is another reason why their m36 would be optional for me. But if you could link other similar sites, I would check them out as well. Any suggestion I appreciate, even if you think it's useless for me. Thank you all in advance! -Alex