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Damn it, look what poked out this morning :(

D'oh! So, this happened today.

I put it in with a huge needle in January, and it emerged painlessly today.

I wanted to put i back where it came from with another huge needle right away, but I am running late for work, and really would prefer to have some ibuprofen on hand.

Still, I can't complain, the other one remains where it should be, and is lots of fun.


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  1. It got rejected even after all that time?
  2. @D_Axel That what I wonder about, too, but then again IIRC complete healing under best circumstances takes 6 months, so rejecting after 4 is possible.
  3. That sucks man. I thought that 6 months was mainly for the nerves to heal back, but stuff happens I guess. Was there anything that happened recently which you think might have caused it to reject?
  4. So what happened was that the magnet travelled back down to the initial entry point. It had been a bit itchy for a while, and I happened to squeeze it while in the shower. A small pocket of pus broke, and then I could see the tip of the magnet. I was hoping I could push it back in and maybe use superglue to close the hole, but it was a lost cause. I am not upset or disappointed- this is really par for the course with piercings and other mods. I will absolutely disinfect the magnet and implant again. Looking at my remaining implant, I can see that it too is heading that way, so perhaps I will wait for it to emerge before the next date with the huge needle. If I think about the different ways I could have caused insult to the site, I can point to careless weight-bearing exercise, and a habit of resting my left hand next to my touch pad on my laptop when reading. But that is speculation. I have no signs of infection or bruising, and can be happy with that. I will say this: my no worries attitude to the event would be hugely compromised had I forked out $450 for each of the implants professionally, or if there had been significant complications, or if I had lost the magnet in the process.
  5. Don't forget to inform us how re-implanting goes. Currently my magnets are in a very bad state (I'm 90% sure they'll get rejected but won't give up trying to fix the issues) so most likely I'll have to re-implant soon, too.
  6. @spiltwine can you describe your pus please?
    (i love this forum :)

    Descriptions about pus can often lead to information about why the rejection happened.
  7. @V10lator Sure. Good luck with your implants and reimplanting, should that occur. @glims Alrighty. I am happy to answer your questions. The site (on my pinky) was raised slightly, as it had been since the implantation back in January. As I've mentioned, it was a bit itchy, but not painful or discoloured. Magnetic sensitivity enjoyable. Anyway, I gave it a little squeeze in the shower when it burst, much like a zit, only a bit wetter. So the pus was exactly the kind I might associate with an irritant that my body was keen to expel, and not at all like what I would link to infection. The site today remains painless, with dry skin, zero pus, and a tiny scab.
  8. Still need some info on the pus itself. Not your opinion on the pus (no offense, i just need to phrase better).

    On a scale of chicken broth(1) to cottage cheese(10), where would you place your pus? (I am the great communicator) What colour was it? Any other defining characteristics?

  9. How dare you! My opinions on pus are amongst the most highly regarded in the pus speculation community! I feel like I described it fairly well when I compared it to a zit: it was yellow, wet, mostly thick and a little bit runny. So not homogeneous. It was not smelly, not bloody.
  10. Oh, here is how the site looks this evening.

  11. Do you have photos of what the implant site looked like before rejection?
  12. @bciuser Well, I think my middle finger implant is about to emerge, and I took some photographs this morning.,lyjAuxz,h6Fjs3h#1 It has been pretty tender to the touch for the last week, but has nothing (that I can tell, so far) in the way of pus/blister type material than my pinky finger did before it expelled the magnet. It is right below the surface, but the skin is a bit tough. You might be able to see the circular marks around the site, and that is where old skin has dried and peeled away over time. Much like a pimple. So, without much sadness at all, I am thinking that doing a few loads of dishes by hand today ought to soften the skin and then I shall pluck out that magnet. I will keep it safe until I can procure something to disinfect both m31 magnets, and then plan another Big Needle Day. I have grown quite attached to them, despite their tendency to wander, and it is worth a second date with the 10 gauge. For anyone interested, here is a photo of my healed pinky finger magnet site. It has had zero problems of any kind since the magnet emerged.
  13. This evening the implant in my middle finger finally came out. I was able to squeeze it from the small hole it was poking through, and it emerged without blood or pus of any consistency @glims ;) It is actually a relief to have it out, as the site has been itchy and sore for a few weeks. Now I can put the magnets aside until I can procure something to sterilize them, and grow the courage to try the scalpel techniques, perhaps. The photo immediately after I took out the magnet is my profile pic, for now. And also here if anyone prefers a closer look.
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