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New to the magnetic implant scene

So after rooting around on here for quite some time, I've decided I should finally make my first post.

Seeing as the advancements in this field are ongoing, I don't want to be short changing myself by looking at old information. My biggest concern is what you guys would suggest as a magnet to implant into my ring finger. I want to minimize the risk of rejection as much as possible, and want to perform this in the safest way. 

As of yet I've had no luck finding anyone any more qualified to do the operation than the neighbor's cat, and so I will likely be doing it myself. I am located in the London Ontario area and have seen at least 1 other member from here as well, so any local tips would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, 


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  1. Russ Foxx will be in London, Ontario for three days from September 10-12th. Better contact him quick if you want to catch him.

  2. If you miss that, you can always take a puddle jumper over to Amsterdam. Tom van Oudenaarden at Magic Piercing Studio does implants.

    We could have a nice long conversation about professional piercers vs diy modders abilities here, but I think it's best to shy away from that topic. Does your neighbor's cat have thumbs. Has she/he watched the videos that were on Augmentation Limitless and is willing to actually follow the protocol outlined there? Can it hold a knife without shaking? Has it taken care of it's drinking problem?
    If the answers to these questions are yes yes yes and on weekdays, then if no professional is available to you, talk with the cat and see what it thinks about helping you out.

    While I suggest that everyone should take advantages of the services of a professional if possible, I also think that the procedure, when done properly, is low risk and easy to do.  If your luck with pros doesn't pan out, come back, get as much info as you can, and go for it.

    Obligatory mention about how the magnets Cassox and I designed are the best ;) Lab tested and AAP approved.
  3. Does anybody have a map of, well, pretty much anything that I should be very wary of having cut in that area? 

    I've seen a bunch of videos of people performing the operation themselves, but never have I heard anyone speak of areas of caution. 
  4. I will once again refer you to the Augmentation Limitless blog where the damaging areas to avoid are outlined. Specifically this post :
    and specifically the section labeled "Identifying Potential Incision Sites". Sorry I was glib about the cat comments. Maybe you thought I wan't being serious.

    The tl;dr version, don't stab in the palm side, don't go deep enough to hit the meat, stay above the mid lateral line, and away from the joints.
  5. Oh, there is no chance that I won't read that. I want to get all the info I can before I go through with it.

    Has anyone here ever used super glue instead of stitching up afterwords? I have some that I tend to use when I have deep cuts, and find that it works great. 

    EDIT: Ok, I see on the blog there he talks about the super glue too..
  6. Personally I've used superglue once and it didn't heal as well as stitching. I had lots of complications with the magnet pushing right through the superglue somehow. It rejected pretty instantly that way, regardless of how well I got it in there. I find stitching the best way to go.  I'll read up on the blog you mentioned as well to see if maybe there's some technique to it I'm missing if its for it.
  7. This is probably already taken care of by now, but I'll mention anyway that I take bookings in London, ON every spring and fall. Every year you can bank on me making a visit to do some work in May. :)

Displaying all 7 comments