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Peachy Printer Group Buy

The gentlefolk at Science for the Masses have volunteered to play host to a Peachy Printer if funds can be raised to buy into the beta testing.  Peachy wants $600 USD.  Between ten people that's $60 USD each.  If more than that buy in then the cost to each person goes down but we won't accept more than 20 people.

The first project is going to be making custom fingerprints.  Imagine being able to put a teeny tiny QR code on everything you touch or have your very own copy of @Jack_Sylvane 's finger prints.

If you help us reach the goal you get partial ownership of the Peachy Printer which means you are entitled to request prints of something on file, like fingerprints, or submit a 3D file you are licensed to print.  Naturally you will be asked to cover the cost of material, shipping and handling.

When you look at the cost of material that's hardly a factor.  Shipping is what it is.  The handling fee will be reasonable.  We will try to give an example of how much it would cost to produce and ship a full set of finger prints.

This is the thread to ask questions and put your money where your mouth is.

+++Members of Science for the Masses reserve the right to change the conditions of this policy.  McSTUFF is not responsible for the fulfillment of conditions expressed or implied. +++


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  1. If you are interested on buying in, who do we get in touch with?
  2. I believe we are going to gather in this thread and declare we are willing to contribute up to $60.  When the target is reached one of the members of Science for the Masses will collect payment information.

    I'm officially pledging up to $60USD towards this venture.
  3. Oh so there is a limit on the max we can contribute?
  4. Good question.  I wanted to let contributors know they will be expected to pledge $60 but that amount could be reduced if lots of people sign up.  But no one will be required to contribute more than their $60 pledge unless there is a consensus like if we can only get to $540 together and we all chip in a few extra dollars to get the ball rolling.

    It will be up to the operator, likely @glims, to decide if additional donation earns contributors printing priority, future credit, additional voting privileges or some other reward.

    TL;DR: You are welcome to contribute any amount >= $60 USD.  Details are up to Science for the Masses personnel.
  5. I just ask as being able to get access to the peach since its not available for me to buy my self yet, just getting access to a 3d printer its self is more then worth it for me beyond some personal projects I'd like to print (still gathering data/measurements for it) but regardless, When is the collection date for those who pledge? or could i contribute the funds now and then you can split the remainder between other interested parties. (by contributing more I'm not really looking to have more say then others who may donate to the cause, if @glims wants to give those who back more, other benefits then I will not say no. 

    Also for those who may read this but not to familiar with the Peachy Printer, can you share what types of material is available for printing, and are their different color options (clear, red orange, blue .etc)
  6. Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know, this is 100% cool. I've thrown my 60 into the pot and we are taking funds until we get tired of harassing people (probably 2 weeks). We will have our treasurer do the math on remaining amounts as the funds come in. I will be keeping a running total here, for people who are interested.

    If we don't reach the amount, everyone gets their monies back. If we exceed our goal, small amounts will be refunded to everyone. 

    As for the Peachy Printer, it's pretty sweet. It's a UV resin printer (oooh lasers!), pretty cutting edge, and the detail is quite high because of this. They have a wide variety of colours, but the thing that we are extra stoked about is that they have flexible resin. Squishy, not rock hard, like so many other printers. The guy who made it is pretty excited to have people testing it doing new and unusual things.

    The one thing about the Peachy is that it is small. You can hold it comfortably in one hand. This means that you will not be printing large items, but I don't feel like this community needs that. Rapid prototyping for something small and soft on the other hand sounds right up our alley.

    This is a community tool. If you help get it, you can print with it. If you don't help get it but you throw down for some resin, you can use it. It's that simple.

    Beta testing gets shipped out soon, so let's get on it!

    Please paypal funds to [email protected]

    Amount for printer = 620 (beta kit and shipping)
    funds in bank = 60
    funds pledged (this thread) = 60
  7. I posted in the other thread - but just adding it here as well. Happy to chip my $60. 
  8. Just sent my contribution of $100. 
  9. I just sent my $60.  By my calculations we are at $280 of the $620.  That's almost half way.
  10. I'm in for $100. 

    If you can pledge me a set of Jack's prints, I could be in for more. (Total self-interest. I smell a feature article...)
  11. Im in, I want my QR prints. 
  12. Count me in for $60. Happy to volunteer my prints if need be.
  13. @kjwx  I was the one that started the thread for the prints so I feel that if someone else gives their prints it wont be the right thing, because we dont know whay use is going to be given to that prints, so I think that I deserve ALL the responsability of the things that could happen , I do not want other people to get on troubles or things like that for a thing I started (Just my personal opinion)
  14. I appreciate and respect that responsible attitude. also, multiple models before we have perfected a technique will probably just make life harder...

    We are at 240 in actual dollars submitted.

    @Frank, the plans is everyone get's jackprints, so yeah, go for it man! yes it's one word now. Own your very own jackprints.

  15. To everyone who contributed their pledge, thank you!
    To everyone who has pledged but not yet put their money in the pot please steer over to PayPal and send your pledged amount to:
    [email protected]
    Please mention your username in the transaction to help keep track of who is on board.
    The deadline for this group buy will be Friday April 18th at midnight CST.
  16. Some submissions and a lot of verbal support. We're going to cap donation time at April 18th. This should keep everyone on track and also not have people who have currently donated twisting in the wind.
  17. @McSTUFF and @glims I cant get the money to that date (I have some problems with money now, my uncle is on the hospital and they are charging us $15,000 daily!!!!) So what can I do? 
  18. When could you get it? The other option would be to encourage this project, help explore other options for the printer, so that more people support. You can always reimburse the other donors if we make it, or even just have a person who knows you support the project in your stead and then deal with it on your end. I dunno.
  19. @glims I honestly dont know my uncle is very bad and we dont know when he is going to be better and it doesnt look that it will be soon :/. Is there any way I pay later? I mean after we get the printer maybe I can buy resin for future works? Im really interested on this! Is awesome
  20. I could back paypal everyone a percentage of the amount you donate later. Right now tho, we still need over 300 dollars to get this thing of the ground. You focus on getting me some solid prints, and let's see how the support looks...

  21. Paid $100.
  22. Good morning, everyone. We are now at 340 dollars. This officially puts us half way over the necessary amount. Go team!
  23. I'm awaiting a deposit into my paypall account of $75. Once that comes in I'll forward that to you. 
  24. Excellent!
    And as a heads up, we are up to $400 in the account :)

  25. @glims I think I could donate 60 and that could get splitted on every donor? Is that right for everyone? 
  26. will throw in $60 when i get paid. with my boss, liable to be a day or two...
  27. if you donate 60, then we will just apply it to the funding. if you donate later, we will apply it differently. perhaps to buy materials for everyone, perhaps as a smallish refund for everyone who helped out. it would be situation based.

    money, at some point in time, always helps.
  28. alrighty, will keep an eye on the thread :) is there any chance of schematics for this? or piccies, etc?
  29. the printer or the first project, jackprints?
  30. the printer, please.
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