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magnets + crystals

what is known / the possibility of a quarts/ (other) crystal implant next to a magnet in finger tip? the crystal would need to be able effect/resonate  w/ magnet field.

mayhap even a composite crystal sensitive to multiple frequencies ?




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  1. Additional Vespene gas? 
  2. I'm not quite understanding this.  Resonance happens when you drive an oscillating system with the same frequency that it naturally oscillates with.  Even if an oscillating crystal could resonate with the magnetic field, it would have to be a magnetic field that's vibrating with the same frequency as the crystal's natural frequency (in other words, it would only happen with that particular frequency).

    If you're talking about the process of making crystals oscillate, that's not done with magnetic fields, but electric fields (you apply a voltage difference across the crystal until it deforms; when you remove the field, it sends out pulses as it returns to its original shape).

    Not necessarily saying that there wouldn't be any application for this, just that I'm not seeing it.
  3. I don't know a lot :( but the idea was if you had a crystal the would respond to frequencies too minute to be felt w/ just the magnet you could put them together and the magnet would act like a (amplifier?) so you would be able to sense a greater range

    basically the crystal would react  then would agitate magnet physically then you would feel it

  4. That's not exactly how physics works. If you are interested in a more sensitive solution you'd have to use electronics. Using a magnetometer you can even measure earth's magnetic field. Once you obtained the data from the sensor, you'd have to use either a magnet implant and some electromagnet ( the idea behind ). Alternatively you skip the magnet implants and implant the entire electronics and directly stimulate the neurons (which is quite a bit more difficult for the time speaking).
Displaying all 4 comments