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IRC Discussion Sessions

Activity on ##biohack has really been on the decline as of late, I believe largely due to users, like myself, who are too busy to be idling in chat all day. Add to that our heavily international user base never having coinciding schedules, someone will log in and say something, then four hours later when somebody finally responds, they're long gone. To help spur community discussion and new projects, I want to gauge interest in topical discussion sessions at scheduled times, or at least general discussion times to get to know our fellow biohackers. It could give us a chance to have a less formally structured discussion than the forum, encourage more joint activity, and give us ideas for new projects. If you're at all interested, just say when you'd typically be available, your time zone relative to GMT, and any possible discussion topics you have in mind. In case any interested parties aren't even aware of our irc channel, you can find the relevant info here.


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  1. I'd be down with this, though I work nights and my weekend is usually in the middle of the week.  EST, so GMT -4 or -5 depending on if we're in Daylight Savings Time, which I can never remember.  Wednesday seems pretty safe for me.
  2. I'm almost always logged in, so if you leave a message for me, I'll get it, but for real time chat, I'm normally watching the screen during work days/hours in GMT+12
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