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New to implants, looking for advice

So I'm looking at getting my first RFID implant and I was looking at getting the red bundle -
That's 2 chips and an led. My question(s) was is this bundle worth it in your opinion and where would I put the 3rd implant? (I know they usually go between your thumb and index finger but that's only one implant per hand)
the reason I'm thinking of getting that bundle is because the spark 2 looks like its going to be the main cryptobionic implant in the future because of vivoKey's tech and there apps (correct me if I'm wrong). Also the red led looks like a cool party trick imo and the NExT chip looks useful.
Lastly is the date on the dangerous things site in the American format because it estimated shipping to arrive on the 2021-01-05 which reads to me as the 1st of May D:.
Just for background I'm from Australia and I am new to body modification hence all the questions lol.


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  1. May 5 in the american format would be 5-1-2021, so I think this is more the computing format of YYYY-MM-DD, so January 5

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