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DT Titan magnet

Just a heads up. The DT community is crowdfunding a small batch run of N52 sensing magnets encased in a titanium shell.

Launch video & explanation:

Purchase page:


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  1. Beat me to it ;)

  2. Campaign has now launched http!

  3. Just saw amal post this on Twitter and I'm super excited for it. Just in time for my birthday too. They seem kind of large though.

    Feel like I might as well implant a shotgun slug. DAE have experience with implanting large magnets? I've only done the M31s.

  4. I currently have a 3mm x 6mm cylinder magnet implanted in my ring finger. It wasn't too bad to get in, and I don't have huge fingers. I did the old switcheroo with my old magnet and some scar tissue came with. Helped make space.

    Cassox would definitely have some insights.

  5. Hahahaha. That's hilarious. Not quite a shotgun slug. Lol. More important I think is the thickness and it looks pretty good to me. Also, because of the shape, it should slide in.

    So with flex units etc.. they're a bit of a pain simply because you can't grab them with tools. This is like the opposite. It's titanium. Not saying it would be pleasant, but I could probably implant that with a hammer. I actually had a few concerns about it at first. I've spoken to Amal about it and it seems like it's going to be a cool product.

  6. He didn't seem to think there would be enough demand for a $500 magnet, but lo and behold we're currently at $15.5k when the goal was only $12k and there's 28 days left.

    Laser-welded titanium seems like a safe bet, but we'll see if they pass the accelerated stress testing. Worst case, Amal has been working on coating the left over m31 stock with the biopolymer used in the flex implants.

  7. Interesting. How is he doing the excellerated stress testing?

  8. He hasn't told me the specifics. What would you do if you had funding for the testing worked in to the campaign? I'm thinking extended periods in an ultrasonic bath, and corrosion testing with a few different liquids (acid, hydrocarbon). If it won't damage the ultrasonic then combine the ultrasonic with the corrosion. Maybe literally smash one with a hammer and see if it deforms significantly.

    Inside the titanium shell is supposedly going to be a completely uncoated NdFeB magnet (no nickel or copper) so if the laser welding was incomplete and there were microperforations, or if blunt force introduced a stress fracture, it should be noticeably fairly quickly because of the level of reactivity of the core.

  9. $500 is so far outside my measly grad student budget lol

  10. Well, that's initial cost. I think it's going to be far less later on.

  11. Makes sense

  12. > @Cassox said:
    > Well, that's initial cost. I think it's going to be far less later on.

    Possibly, if he can get subsequent runs but he dosnt seem optimistic on that.

  13. Interesting. If people are willing to fund this run at 500 each, there's no way he won't find a way. Amal doesn't fuck around.

  14. 42 backers to the campaign so far with 10 days remaining. The machining has already started to get ahead of things.

  15. The Titan campaign will end in 24hrs. There are currently 72 magnets backed.

  16. The campaign just ended with 80 magnets backed. Now the rest of the processing steps need to occur, which should take about 9 weeks. I'll come back with some pics and updates when they're finished.

Displaying all 16 comments