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New NFC reader I'm working on

Hey all, wanted to share with you something I've been working on for a bit and hopefully will have to a point of being able to start mailing out soon. It's a NFC reader that is connected to a micro controller that runs circuitpython and uses USB-C as well as having two RGB LEDs. Also this is pretty small so maybe useful in embedding into other things. Here are some pictures of it.


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  1. That's pretty cool. Do your images not reveal anything about the actual boards intentionally? Could it possibly be a PN532 reader with a custom interconnect board and a small micro like the Elite-C that has USB-C and castellated mounting holes?

  2. No it wasn't intentional, Yes it's using a PN532 as the reader and the main micocontroller is a seeedstudio XIAO

  3. That's awesome. I've wanted something like that but haven't had time to build and test. Did you write some firmware for it, and what type of output do you get through the cable? I bet you could get keyboard emulation working pretty easily.

  4. I've been working on the firmware, it workswith C++(arduino) but using circuitpython on it i'm running into some memory issues, but yes it's pretty straightforward to get keyboard emulation working.

  5. Interesting, I've also been working on an NFC reader. Mine is using a TRF7960.

  6. Vicarious also made a little reader module with a PN532 and a Leonardo Pro Micro because it has native USB support. He posted the code and somebody put a build guide together.

Displaying all 6 comments