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I wrote an eBook about magnetic implants!

Hi! I just published my first eBook on amazon and it’s about magnetic implants and how to use them in more ways than just sensing.
You can find a lot of everyday info and tips but also the basics to artificially stimulating it and creating accessories and wearables as well as measuring it’s properties properly.
Available in English and French :
EDIT: I'm switching to Google play because Amazon is the worst to work with, if you have already bought it, contact me and I'll gladly get you the latest version for free.
Link will be updated soon

As I said this is my first book and I’ve put a ton of effort into it but my goal is not to make money on it, it’s the price of a pint of beer so everybody can have access to it and I might lower the price if it isn’t the case.
Anyway this was a fun side-project and I would love to have your opinions and ideas on the subject!


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  1. Here are the actual links now that it's on Google play:
    and in french:

  2. Just bought a copy. Lots of good info all compiled into an easy to digest yet informative read. Answered some of the questions I had and introduced some cool ideas to explore (when I get my implants).

Displaying all 2 comments