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Polyethylene teraphlate coated magnet update

Magnet has survived 6months in salt water whit absolutely no changes and in total about a 3weeks in body. in nutshel its a 3x1.5mm magnet whit gold coating from factory and on top of it has Pet coating that i have made

i have now re implanted this piece of beaty into the pad of my ring finger.

some photos

half time of pure Pet in human body is around 15years, that means in 15 years there coating will be half as thick.

i havent worked whit the hdpe coatings because this magnet is enough for me.
hdpe would offer a lifetime implant magnet.
i have 1 magnet coated in hdpe sitting in salt water or i mean it has been sitting in salt water for about 7 months and nothings has changed so thermoplastics in my opinion is the best coating that you can make at home easily.
like i said before its thin and uniform and protects the magnet against everything.


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  1. Thanks for the update @dieselpwr

    How did you suspend the magnet in the molten PET so that there would be an even coating on all sides?

  2. i made a small mold, fill it up whit pet and heat until its molten, then place the carefully cleaned magnet in to the molten pet and press it in so the magnet is fully covered whit the top of it exposed and on the same level as the pet, then take a flat piece of pet and put it on top and heat the whole thing again, at this point if you were careful enough you should have fully air free magnet whit a plob of pet around it.
    now we continue making it to look like a implant so we start by sanding it whit different grits of sandpaper, stopping at maybe 1000grit and then heating the magnet few times from different orientations because that will make the pet even out and smooth so no polishing is required, heating it up makes the coating perfect and gives it almost like factory made look. i know its hard to understand what im trying to tell here because english isnt my first language but was you start experimenting by yourself you quickly get what im telling here:D

  3. and if anybody is willing to try my method of making these thermoplastic coating i would be really glad to hear some results. by myself im really glad of the work i have done, and feel like i have method for all the diy folks here like me.
    for me this was a really nice project, it combined many hours of research on plastics and many maany hours on thinking of how to make a good coating, this project also combined some electric work and implantation itself so i have learned quite alot of new stuff.

    Pet is easy to work on and makes air free magnets really easily and should be a problem free implant for atleast 15years if the coating you made was perfect enough.

    as whit hdpe making a fully air free magnet is really hard but i succeeded anyways.
    hdpe is also hard to grind down whit sandpaper but comparing these plastics you have to keep in mind that hdpe will last for ever in your body if thats what your looking for.

  4. @dieselpwr

    I was able to understand everything you said perfectly clearly. Your english is better than many english speakers I know (especially online). Thanks for the detailed rundown. I'm engaged in some other projects at the moment, but this is definitely on my docket to try out. I've been wanting to make a magnetizer for awhile now.

  5. thanks and np, im from finland:D
    yeah my magnetizer turned out to be really good and usefull, easy to experiment whit magnet coating and like i said in my previous posts the magnets also got little more powerfull than from factory8)

  6. Dieselpwr, did you ever do a write-up for your magnetizer? I really really need one. If you could help me with this I can trade you or something for something else.

  7. @Cassox sorry i have totally forgotten that, will start making a write up for it, i have been really busy whit other projects like always haha:D no need for any trades, will do it for just pure fun and it will be published here so anyone who wants to can make one

  8. @Cassox can you specify what should i tell about the magnetizer? i can list all the components and wire diameters if thats what you mean.

  9. That would be awesome! I literally know nothing about such things.

  10. Like, explain like I'm 10

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