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xG3 Tragus Implant

Yesterday morning I implanted DangerousThings' xG3 magnet in my right tragus. Implantation wasn't bad, not a lot of bleeding. I'm not 100% happy with placement, but waiting until it heals to see how it turns out. So far it looks like it'll heal pretty quickly, no signs of infection, etc.
Step 2 will be building the amp circuit. I'd like to play around with different ways of wearing the coil. Maybe a headband?
I'll update once the implant heals up, and once I build the electronics to go with it.


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  1. Wanting to do the same. Keep us posted

  2. Let us know the status of the implant, i'm interested in the aftermath of different procedures. I'd like to do this myself eventually like Fire, and if you make your work more accessible we can help you. I'll be funding some research on this in a few months, and this could have a significant effect

  3. Okay, it's been 2 weeks. My tragus healed up just fine, but there's still a little bit of bruising at the entry point. The top 75% of the magnet is lined up with my tragus, the bottom 25% is situated just below it. The placement definitely feels better now that it's healed.
    I haven't put the amp circuit together yet, but I finally have everything except the batteries, so that's the next step.

  4. Please keep us updated on how you are doing. ~

Displaying all 4 comments