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BottleNose -- Release. Enjoy!!

Hey Grinders,

What's up. We are releasing BottleNose this evening. Code and schematics available on page linked below. 

This is a really simple version. It is meant to be a quick and easy grind. We need your help to improve it. We have a direction that we want to go with it but with a simple interface to the finger magnet you can take it further. We ideas for wireless sensors pumping to the BottleNose, glove form factors, and since we are using Arduino with a 328P you have a ton of pins to mess with.

Sorry it took so long for such a simple circuit, but we started big and simplified. Happy Grinding!


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  1. Nice work, guys!
  2. I'm sure that a lot of other people feel the same way, so I'm just gonna say it. Thanks for making this open to all of us! You guys are really making it easier for those of us who don't have the know-how, and I really appreciate all the work you guys have put into it.
  3. Great! That's a really neat device. I second that you should try the glove form factor; it seems like that would produce a more natural interaction.
  4. @lichen that is definitely where we are going from here. Wait until you guys see HELEDD, it will be bananas.  That is when this shit is going to pop off!
  5. Hey @TimmyCNinja! How is the BottleNose glove going? I checked the grindhouse wetware website however I couldn't find recent info about its progress. Will it be available for sale? 
    Thanks man, keep on grinding!
  6. Hello, 
    Yes please give an update etc. I have quite a few ideas regarding a magnet interface but this is your baby. I don't really want to step on toes and have other projects. Magnet implants are going big dudes. Make it happen. 
  7. Hey guys we are still in the process of finishing our next implant. after that we plan on going back and tightening up our old projects into polished products. We added some things for Bottlenose that have made it better and we should be releasing a bunch of stuff 2 quater(ish) next year. Its been a rough road guys, thanks for the support :)
  8. The user and all related content has been deleted.
  9. otptheperson yeah, the link is very old, GHWW have moved stuff around on their site, the current link the bottlenose is here
  10. @otptheperson yeah sorry we have been in willy wonka mode. smoke in the factory but no other signs of visible life. Apologies to the community. 

    What do you guys need from us. Links that work would probably be a helpful start. Anything else?
  11. Yeah, a question. What's the HELEDD?
  12. HELEED was the first name used for the implant that would become grind house wetware's Circadia implant. 
  13. Rad! Thanks for all of your hard work, I've been excited about this project since I first heard of it awhile ago. Glad it's still coming along, and amazingly at that!
    Now I just need to wait till I'm not homeless/ on the road and can build myself one! :)
    One question, I have a magnet implanted in my 3rd and 4th fingertips. Would there be any benefit/utility to having multiple outputs for each magnet? I am thinking sending different data to different magnets...
  14. Hey, so any new renditions/models coming out anytime soon? This and the magnet trainers have been discussed a lot but I haven't seen anything manifest yet. I mean, beyond the initial model.
  15. So is there anywhere that we can find both the schematics and code for the Bottlenose? Even the old one? I can't make complete sense of the section you have in the video.
  16. The page for this is missing now, is there anywhere I can get the code and schematics for it still? I'm trying to put together something similar from the parts I have laying around.
  17. I found THE CODE but I cant' find any schematics. I'm mainly interested in the interface with the magnet and the specifics for that.
  18. Looks like there's some more here, but it's not very well organized.

    The main sticking point I'm having is figuring out how to get the signal from the arduino to the coil. I've got two different amp kits from rat shack but I'd like to go directly from the arduino if possible. I'm working with either a Gemma or a Flora from Adafruit.
  19. I also found some schematics it seems:
  20. Nice find! There's been a bunch of updates over a short period of time, terribly sorry about the ah lack of organized info.  Hopefully once we get a project repo page going, it'll be easier to keep details better organized.

    I'm more than happy to help troubleshoot what you're working on, any issues you're facing. You mentioned  the issue is with talking to the coil... are you able to get feedback from it if you run the arduino blink example and swap the LED for the coil?
  21. I assumed it would be more complicated than that. I need to get the wire to make the loop tomorrow, but I'll give that a shot. The main thing I'm hoping is to get it working with sawtooth waves or square waves since those seem to be the easiest to discern at low frequencies. My current plan is to try to have the frequency change with distance instead of having it pulse, but that may require something different. I have found code for generating square or sawtooth waves with arduino using arrays so it should be pretty easy to throw all that together.

    Well, relatively easy. I'll probably spend a week looking for that one misplaced bracket like every other time.
  22. If you apply power directly to a coil be sure to keep the frequency high because you're powering an inductor. If you apply DC current for too long you're powering a short. An Arduino will only supply 20mA but that's enough to feel. At least for me. In the past I've scavenged the coil from a 5V relay and placed it near my implant.
    I've made my own Bottlenose-type device [LINK] and I had no trouble sensing distance. This didn't use GHWz code which had some other functions if I recall. Another friend of mine, with a magnet in his wrist, had trouble sensing the field.
    With all that said, this was all powered directly off an Arduino pin whereas I believe the Bottlenose used a transistor to get more power. Even better, use an H-bridge and push an AC waveform through the coil for improved sensation.
    Unless you add some tricky hardware, you'll only get a square-wave from and Arduino.

    tl;dr, start with a simple coil, taken from a 5V relay if possible and keep the frequency above 20Hz.
    Good luck and happy hacking.
  23. I was planning on canibalizing THIS CODE to make the sawtooth, but a square wave works as well. Definitely above 20Hz. Thanks for the link to you're project, that's a huge help.
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