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Nootropics - First attempt

Hi All,

I've decided to delve into the realm of Nootropics.

I'm not sure what I'd like to get out of it overall but I'm just trying to get some help if possible.

It should be noted that I have ADHD too and am currently not on any Medication for this.
I'm considering if I should give that another go, I used to be on a form of Methylphenidate and was given 45mg daily before stopping.
I feel they gave me a dosage far higher than I actually needed as it left me in a serious Zombie state throughout the period I took them.

I feel very "out of it" daily and I'm trying to cure that really, I'd like increased concentration and higher overall energy, for this I've decided to start off with some basics that I've researched into a little.

Bacopa Monnieri (Brahmi) Powder
Lions Mane Mushroom Powder

I'm drinking Energy Drinks daily so If I can replace those with a natural and more "designed for me" supplement that would be great, I've assumed Caffeine for this but if anyone has any other suggestions, I'm happy to change.

I've created a single supplement of around 1300mg following this makeup:

Lions Mane: 450mg
Bacopa: 300mg
Ashwagandha: 600mg

I'll be taking that for around a month and noting any slight or drastic changes that I've observed.

If anyone has any Knowledge on N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine and L-Dopa please message me, I have a few questions, Ideally looking to balance out my ADHD without having to go on the previously mentioned medication.

Ideally just looking for someone with tips and maybe some of their own experiences if they match what I'm looking for.



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  1. Since this post I've also tinkered around with some Caffeine pills, Starting simply with 80mg of Caffeine yesterday (waiting for my L-Theanine to turn up) They seem to be the most noticeable pill I've taken, I believe I can feel exactly when the Caffeine kicks in.

    I've started today with a pill of 100mg Caffeine 200mg L-theanine, apparently L-Theanine is good at preventing some of the Negatives of caffeine, Jitters and headaches etc? I've got 3 of the pills left and am taking them 6 hours apart, hopefully I won't see any Headaches, unlike Yesterday.

  2. How did it go ?

  3. @RuGG said:
    How did it go ?

    This is what I'm wondering as well.

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