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I Need Inspiration

I am currently in 11th grade in Arkansas and I am in great need for inspiration. For some context, every year our state conducts two science fairs. One is regional and the other is a state-wide fair.

Last year, I used a 90% lactic acid solution with a pH of 1.38 to prevent endospores from forming in multiple samples of bacteria. The experiment was a success and more, showing that the 48 hour lactic acid soak not only served as a preventative measure against the formation of endospores, it also broke down endospores that had already been formed and killed the bacteria inside. The purpose of this experiment was to show that there were simple and cheap alternatives to the costly autoclaves that hospitals currently use. I placed second in my category at regionals and got an honorable mention in my category at state. However, there is one step above state, which is internationals. I did not qualify for internationals this past year, which was in Pheonix, Arizona, but was hoping to get to go to internationals this year.

I've been toying with different ideas for the past few months but I don't know what I could in the ~6 months that I have to get it done. Nothing is really just sticking out to me. I know that I want to do something with biochem, but I'm just not sure what exact experiment I could do. Human testing is pretty much off limits, so I know that, unless it's really simple, that's not really an option.

I was wondering if anyone on here could offer any sources for inspiration. I've seemingly just hit a wall in trying to come up with ideas for this. Any help would be amazing, and I understand if no one can.


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