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DEF Con 27 - Biohacking Village Sound Off

The time is almost nigh... DEF Con 27 Aug 8-11, Las Vegas
The Biohacking Village will be the Planet Hollywood Hotel this year.

Who's going?
Who's speaking?
Who's volunteering?

I'm speaking (biohacking and business) and we are planning on the Grinder Pancake Breakfast again. Everyone raved about the Queercon (and its parties) last year. Implants and some card cloning seem to be in the works by Cooper.

Also happening at the same time:


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  1. I'll be at defcon, the biohacking village, and queercon!

  2. I'll be at defcon, the biohacking village, and queercon!

  3. It is time! Heading there now! We should try to post photos and quotes.

Displaying all 3 comments