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NFC implant healing process

Hi y'all, longtime lurker of this forum and have been dreaming of cyberization for much longer.

After a lot of time and consideration I finally bit the bullet and got a Vivokey Spark implanted on 4/26 and needless to say I am thrilled with the API's that will be coming out for it but I had a few questions regarding the healing process and people's experiences.

I might just be paranoid but I've been having some twinges of pain / tingling in other parts of my hand / wrist / fingers since it has been installed and I haven't been able to figure out if that's a normal thing or not. It's still pretty early in the healing process and I still have some residual bruising throughout my hand. I had it installed between my thumb and index by an experienced piercer I found via the DT partners map who was very knowledgeable with the procedure.

In addition, I was wondering how much I can use my hand while it's healing. My work sometimes requires me to lift / move heavy objects and I've been trying to be careful not to exert that hand too much but wanted to clarify.

I am super excited to more officially be a part of this community and get to know y'all!


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  1. Tingling isn't a problem. I have 10 RFID implants at this time. Implant #7 is the xIC - it is in the site of the forearm, I got it in october 2018. It is tingling sometimes.

    I'm also lifting heavy objects - no problems with that, but be careful. I work atthe delicatess department of a supermarket. I lift the transport boxes with the bread inside.

    I had a little accident with implant #9 SIID - it moved a bit backwards in my hand - I had it first between the pimkie and the ringfinger (you can see it at the profil picture) I hit my hand and the implant get pushed a bit backwards - At the moment I can read it only with the USB reader on my notebook.

    my chips and locations:

    Chip #01: X2: left hand, between thumb and forefinger
    Chip #02: flexNT: left forearm
    Chip #03: xEM: right hand, between thumb and forefinger
    Chip #04: xBT: left upper arm
    Chip #05: flexDF: left hand after the pimkie
    Chip #06: xM1+: right hand, between thumb and forefinger
    Chip #07: xIC: right hand forearm (side)
    Chip #08: Vivokey Spark: between thumb and forefinger
    Chip #09: SIID: right hand: between pimkie and ringfinger
    Chip#10: Vivokey flex: right forearm

    Greetings from Austria

  2. In November 2015 (about 3.5 years ago) - I had an xNT chip implanted into my left hand, as usual in the web of skin between the thumb and index finger. The skin that had been punctured healed with no issues and left a minor scar around 5mm long to this day. It was quite marked at first but has faded significantly since.

    For about a month I had a slight itchy, tugging feeling in the area the device was located and this seemed to be it moving to a final spot. Migration was minimal and after settling it has not moved at all.

    Since having the implant I have had this feeling perhaps twice when I have knocked that area of the hand. Other than that there have been no issues.

    One unplanned aspect is that I have a secondary scar opposite the entry point, where the needle came back out slightly. Today it looks like a small dimple below the device. Unfortunate but given the force required to get the needle in I'm not surprised it popped through a bit.

    xNT device injection site - directly after the injection

    xNT device injection site - 3 years after injection


  3. Hey @tjom, good to have you join in on the conversation.

    I don't have a medical background, but I have some experience with implant recovery. I had an xNT implanted in that spot a few years ago. Bruising and soreness is definitely expected.

    Now that it's been a few days, you could do a brief test to determine if the tingling is due to unexpected damage during the implant procedure, or just psychosomatic. If you gently apply pressure around the implantation area and do not experience the twinges in the rest of your hand/wrist I would imagine everything is fine. That region of the hand is pretty ideal for this because there aren't many large blood vessels or nerve bundles to damage.

    Regarding activity during the healing process, there's not much to worry about. It's better to use your hand semi-normally so that the tag settles in a comfortable spot. Mine has actually migrated ~1/2cm from the implant site over the years due to the position of my muscles. I suppose something rolling along your skin directly behind the wound channel could squeeze the implant out like a toothpaste tube, but that seems unlikely.

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