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best place to buy neodymium magnets coated in parylene for magnet implant

hello i have been looking all over the net for these magnets so i can self implant one in my ring finger, so far ive only found one site that has the correct ones HERE. but theirs a $50 minimum order value, which i wouldn't mind so much but the order form and payment method seem crude to me so i am unsure of weather to trust these people. if anyone could recommend a site to buy them that would be great thank you very much any help is appreciated. 


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  1. You can trust them; I think two of the group buys on this forum were from those guys.  The other one was from K&J Magnetics.

  2. I can second Ian on this VP is where we have done some group buys and they are fine.
  3. If you're just after a couple, ask around on here - there should still be heaps of surplus from the last buy
  4. After how long it took me to find one, I'm assuming this question is still open. So the places I got mine was first at KJMagnet, as suggested above, but they didn't have any small enough, but I got a 6x1.5mm anyway. When it arrived it looked particularly big for my fingers so I've now ordered one from US eBay (I'm in Britain, and British eBay is shit) which is close to perfect, coated in gold and is 3x1mm
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