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Contactless Payments

So, it's been a while... How far out do you guys think we are from an implantable contactless payment system? Last I heard, Amal was talking to a few card companies about the possibility, though I'm unsure if that was successful or what the end result was. Anyone have any new info?

I've been looking a bit lately into bPay contactless payment wristbands. I'm not 100% sure that they will work in the US, but I've considered grabbing one and testing before finding someone to coat it in silicone for me. Downside of this is that it has a 2 year expiration, but that's something I'm willing to deal with at this point if everything seems it will work out.

Been waiting years to be able to pay via implant, pretty sure it's an option now, just have to find the best way to go about it. So, any news? Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Edit: Sorry, I really should have just commented this on an old thread seeing as there are at least two that would have been suitable. If a mod wants to close this thread or remove it, I will paste this into one of the old threads.


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  1. You should look into vivo key that's what became of amal's efforts on making this happen the beta are out rn I think

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