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Magnets in the ear and earbuds reacting to library security gates

So I went to the library the other day and before I left walk to back to work put my earbuds in (shure se215's). As I walked through the library security gates I heard a high pitch noise coming from my earbuds, To make sure I wasn't going crazy I went back in between them and sure enough there it was again. I went home and grabbed as much audio equipment as I could carry. I ended up testing my sure se215's (16 ohm) sennheiser ie60's (16 ohm) beyerdynamic dt 990 (600 ohm) AKG k240(55ohm) and a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-E40(39 ohm).

All the earbuds were clear with the ie60s being the loudest and the se215s being almost as loud and the ATH e40s being fairly quite. As for the headphones the akg's were very quit and the dt990s had no audible reaction to the gate.

I was wondering if anyone with magnets in the tragus has had similar experiences and if so is it also a sharp high pitch. I was thinking of getting one in each tragus but if that is the experience then I will skip that one and stick to the hand.


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  1. I have a magnet in my left ringfinger :)
    The security gates at the library are amazing ( only get the change to walk through the gates, when I'm visiting a friend in Germany)
    I visited her in July, I was able to feel the gates from 1 meter away. At the moment I'm again in Germany, they field from the gates isn't so strong that I was able to feel it from 1 meter - but from 1/2 meter it is possible. Standing between the gates is great :)

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