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Subcutaneous Single Injection Digital Nerve Block

Most guides for performing a digital nerve block, including some created or referenced by biohackers, use a "traditional" approach. This involves injections through most of the thickness of the finger, on either side, in close proximity to nerves and blood vessels. However, a modern, less invasive type of nerve block can be performed with only a single injection just below the skin. Here's a short blog post outlining it. Studies here, here, and here provide some more in-depth info.

Possible advantages:
* Less pain
* Lower risk of nerve damage or accidental intravenous injection
* Easier to perform?

Possible disadvantages:
* Less reliable at numbing dorsal digital nerves, though this shouldn't be an issue with fingertip magnet placement.
* Unknown possible complications of accidentally penetrating tendon sheath or tendon

Has anyone tried this technique? Any thoughts about it?


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  1. Yeah. I use this all the time. Onset is slower but the duration and effectiveness are great.

  2. Just wanted to say that I tried this myself today (2ml of 2% lidocaine subdermally at the crease of the finger) and it worked flawlessly. I haven't tried other injection methods, but I can't imagine why anybody would choose them over this one for a fingertip procedure.

  3. Haven't tried this yet, I'll have to give it a try.

Displaying all 3 comments