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First magnet implant help

So I already have an nfc implant in my left hand and am looking into getting a magnet implant as well, I just had a couple questions.
1. Is this magnet a good choice (not looking to lift things)

  1. Is it okay to get it in my left hand or will it interfere with the nfc implant if so would it also cause problems with an rfid implant

Thank you to everyone for your input


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    1. No problems :) should be about 5 centimeters away.

    I have in my left hand an NFC Chip between the index finger and the thumb. In my left ringfinger is a magnet from Samppa (i can lift with it about 30 paperclips)
    I have also the flexDF on the site of the hand after the pimkie and the flexNT in my forearm and the xBT in my upper arm. No Problems ;) I must only get a new x-ray

    I feel the security gates from the library about 1 meter away. I can also feel the microwave, kitchen machine, coffeemachine,...

  1. From what I've heard, the Hawthorn Sensing Magnets are pretty good; however, the silicon nums out some of the feeling.
    There's much less risk of degradation while using a magnet like that.

  2. Haworths are pretty reputable. I just put one in a couple weeks ago.

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